Off Campus Housing Resources

Hostels in Waikiki

Hostels prove to be a very economical option for students with a limited budget. Here are a few options for hostels within the Waikiki area, for ratings and reviews we have included this Yelp link. For a printable version of hostels within the area please click this link.

  1. Waikiki Beachside Hostel
    Ø      Phone: (808) 923-9566
  2. Seaside Hawaiian Hostel
    Ø      Phone: (808) 924-3303
  3. Hostelling International - Waikiki
    Ø      Phone: (808) 926-8313
  4. The Plumeria
    Ø      Phone: (808) 596-2080
  5. Hostelling International - Honolulu
    Ø      Phone: (808) 946-0591
  6. Backpackers Vacation Inn / Plantation Village
    Ø     Phone: (808) 638-7838 (Northshore- not close to HPU)