Off Campus Housing Resources

Why post with HPU

  • Renting to students yields predictable cycles
    • There is a high demand for housing during August through September months
    • A rental period can last for either 5-6 months (a semester) or year long
    • We do not charge for listing your advertisement within our E-Ads system

Housekeeping Tips for E-Ads 3.0 system

  • Please keep advertisement changes to a minimum once submitted
    • Once an ad is inputted into system we are not able to make changes unless we re-write the whole ad
  • Please indicate if you have posted with us before
    • We may be able to search for your listing from a prior date if we know when you last posted with us
  • Please keep in mind that many students may not be able to call due to being in an international country
    • It helps to have internet access and an email account
  • Please take the time to include necessary details and information
    • Vague details make locations hard to sell
  • Please feel free to include a picture
    • Our system allows only 1 picture per post so additional photos should be sent collaged
  • Please keep in mind that this is a free service
    • We have the right to refuse service at any given time