Off Campus Housing Resources

List Your Rental with HPU

The Commuter Services Office is happy to post your rental ad within our online E-Ads system free of charge as a service to our students. If you would like to submit a rental for posting, please call (808-544-0277) or send an e-mail ( and provide the following information:

  • What is the type of rental (room/apartment/house)?
  • Is the rental shared or private?
  • Location
  • Date available
  • Monthly rent
  • Deposit amount
  • Are utilities included?
  • Is the rental furnished?
  • What amenities are available (i.e. laundry, pool, internet, parking)?
  • Is the lease negotiable or is there a fixed term?
  • Contact name and phone number

Why Post with HPU

  • Renting to students yields predictable cycles: there is a high demand for housing during August and September.
  • We do not charge for listing your advertisements within our E-Ads system.

Guidelines and Reminders

  • Your ad must adhere to the Fair Housing Act. For more information, click here.
  • Please keep changes to a minimum once an ad is submitted. If a change is necessary, the old posting will be removed and replaced with a new ad.
  • Please indicate if you have posted with us before.
  • Having internet access and an e-mail account makes communication with our students much easier.
  • Vague advertisements make locations hard to sell, so include as many details about the property as possible. We can include one picture per ad.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a free service and we have the right to refuse service at any given time.