Off Campus Housing Resources

Check in and Check out Procedures

Check in Check out form (pdf)

  • It is essential that the condition of your property be assessed to ensure full return of the security deposit
  • As noted within the Comprehensive Off-Campus Housing Guide (pdf) and short Housing Summary it is wise to make a note of your rental's condition at the start and end of your term
  • Thoroughly cleaning your space before you leave while abiding by all cleaning conditions listed in your lease, will ensure the return of your deposit and protect you from illegitimate claims of damage
  • It is highly recommended that before and after photos be taken to aide in the documentation of your rented living space should a problem arise
  • It is recommended that the template above for Check in and Check out (or any such similar form) be used where your evaluating manager or landlord can sign and date the inspection with the listed deductions agreed upon
  • If you are an international student, it is wise to think about when your deposit money will be returned, and how you are going to verify that it is properly returned once you leave the island
    • The deposit money is usually not instantly returned when you leave the property