Getting To And From Campus

About TheBus

The island of Oahu is also known as the City and County of Honolulu.  TheBus is the City and County's public transportation.  Hawai'i Pacific University's two major campuses are situated near bus stops, providing affordable and convenient public transportation. The downtown campus is located among major bus corridors offering frequent bus service to all areas of the island. The Hawai'i Loa campus bus stops are located on the corridor of Kamehameha Highway and Pali Highway.

TheBus is nationally recognized and provides affordable transportation to major locations/destinations on the island of O'ahu.

HPU students are eligible to purchase the UPass for a reduced rate. Current rates, routes, and details are available at TheBus.

Visitors to HPU's two major campuses may want to consider riding TheBus to reach either campus, and can purchase a special visitors bus pass when visiting O'ahu at certain locations.

Students and visitors will also want to bookmark  This website tracks many of the City's buses through GPS to give riders a more accurate time of bus arrivals.


The UPass is a reduced rate student bus pass sticker placed on your HPU ID card. All full-time undergradute and graduate students taking classes on the downtown and/or HLC campuses will be assessed a Transportation Fee (UPass) each semester and entitles students to one UPass. For more information about the Transportation Fee (UPass) and distribution of the UPass, please click here.