Commuter Services

Getting To and From Campus

The Bus

The island of Oahu is also known as the City and County of Honolulu. TheBus is the City and County's affordable and convenient public transportation system. HPU's Downtown and Windward campuses are easily accessible by TheBus. The downtown campus is located among major bus corridors offering frequent bus service to all areas of the island; the Hawai'i Loa campus bus stops are located on Kamehameha Highway and Pali Highway.

The UPass is a reduced rate student bus pass sticker placed on your HPU ID card. All full-time undergradute and graduate students taking classes on the downtown and/or HLC campuses will be assessed a Transportation Fee (UPass) each semester and entitles students to one UPass. For more information, visit the Transportation Fee (UPass) webpage.

Intercampus Shuttle

The shuttle provides free transportation for students, faculty, and staff between the Hawaii Loa and downtwown campuses. The shuttle departs from the Hawaii Loa campus at the shuttle stop shelter and from the downtown campus at the corner of Beretania and Fort Street (in front of Kukui Plaza).

When boarding the shuttle from either shuttle stop, please be sure to board in numerical seating order as posted on the benches to ensure that the persons who arrived first to the shuttle stop are seated first. Please be ready to show the driver your HPU identification upon boarding. Upon seating, we recommend you fasten your seatbelt.

You can find the shuttle schedule here.


Hawaii Loa Campus

Students may purchase a Hawai’i Loa campus decal from the Hawaii Loa Bookstore: $200.00 for vehicles, $50.00 for motorcycles, and $25.00 for mopeds per semester. Students will be required to complete a Student Vehicle Parking Registration form. Students who do not purchase a parking decal have the following options: (a) 10-day Parking Discount Punch Card for $60.00. Parking Punch cards may be purchased at the Hawaii Loa Bookstore. Punch cards do not provide overnight parking privileges; (b) A daily parking fee of $8.00 per visit per vehicle and $4.00 per visit per motorcycle and moped.

Visitor parking fees will be collected for university authorized events such as athletic events, lawn events, or Residence Life guests. Visitor Parking fees are $5.00 for vehicles and $3.00 for motorcycles and mopeds. 

Aloha Tower

Students are not authorized to park vehicles at the Aloha Tower.  Students may park motorcycles at Irwin Park during normal operating hours. Students may park their mopeds 24 hours a day at Irwin Park, however it is not a secure lot. To park motorcycles or mopeds at Irwin Park, you will be required to complete a Student Vehicle Parking Registration form and purchase a HPU Motorcycle and Moped decal at the Bookstore.  The cost of this decal is $50.00 per semester. There is no overnight parking of motorcycles at Aloha Tower or Irwin Park.  Mopeds may be parked overnight in this lot, however it is not a secure lot.

For students that desire secured moped parking, the University has a small secure moped parking area under the Aloha Tower Campus Eva Pavilion. This area has the capacity of serving approximately 20 mopeds.  Parking for this area is under camera surveillance and authorized students will have access to the locked gate via their student ID at the gate prox card reader. The parking fee for this secure parking area is $25.00 per semester in addition to the cost of the parking decal. Motorcycles are not authorized to use this area. As above, the students purchasing parking in this area will be required to complete a Student Vehicle Parking Registration form, sign a copy of the terms and conditions for use of this space, and register their moped for $10.00 per semester.  Students should purchase their motorcycle/moped decal at the Bookstore before completing this process at the AT Campus Security Center (located near Security Gate 1, Diamond Head of the Aloha Tower.) 

Downtown Campus

Hawai'i Pacific University does not provide an institutionally-owned parking garage or parking lot in downtown Honolulu for the use of its students or visitors. Parking, for a charge, is available in private and municipal parking garages and parking lots. Metered on-street parking is available on certain streets during the day, in off-hours, and on weekends. All parking is within close walking distance to the downtown campus. Parkopedia is an independent online service that provides parking information.



Green Ride

In order to support and encourage our students and employees to carpool, we’re pleased to launch a new dedicated ridesharing solution designed to help you find commuting partners who work or study at Hawai`i Pacific University. HPU GreenRide is a ridesharing system for use only by Hawai`i Pacific University employees and students. Register today using your HPU e-mail account to find a carpool partner or a walking, biking or transit buddy. Fully secure, it will help you find ridesharing partners who work or study at HPU.

With HPU GreenRide you can:

  • Find partners for carpooling, biking, bussing, and walking to any of HPU’s campuses.
  • Find carpool partners for single trips (Live in Waikiki and want to go to the North Shore?).
  • Log all of your commutes to realize emissions savings, cost savings, and health benefits of your transportation decisions.

To sign up, simply go to the HPU GreenRide website at, and use your HPU email address ( or to register.