Commuter Services

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Commuter Services is committed to supporting commuter students with an intent to foster a sense of belonging at Hawaii Pacific University.  We are committed to providing resources and services so our commuter students will feel integrated as part of the campus community.  Our vision is to support our students to becoming active members of the campus and local community with the following services:

Community resources for students

  • Provide off-campus housing options
  • Provide resources for reasonable rates for airport shuttles to and from campus
  • Disseminate information on rights and responsibilities living in community more effectively
  • Promote awareness regarding personal safety and wellness
  • Provide students opportunities to learn more about Oahu

 Information and programs for students

  • Information on student study and gathering spaces on campus
  • We ensure that students have information on effective ways of getting to and from campus

Collaboration with university partners in presenting purposeful social and educational events for students

  • Grab N' Go
  • Commuter Apprecation Week
  • etc.

Commuter Services at HPU is ready to serve the needs of HPU students commuting to our downtown, Hawaii Loa and military campuses.  Are there ways you would like us to better serve you? Are there resources you would appreciate on this site? Please stop by our office (MP139) or email us at