Tips for Students



1. First, consult the tutoring schedules for the courses being tutored, the tutors for each course, and their hours of availability. The schedules change from time to time. Current schedules are available in the Tutoring Center and on HPU’s Web site.

2. Come prepared. Before you can see a tutor you have to do your assignment to the best of your ability. While doing this, prepare specific questions concerning any difficulties you encounter in the lesson. Then assemble all of your own work and the course materials to help your tutor help you. Bring your assignment sheets, textbook, syllabus, notes, handouts, and your own work.

The tutor's job is to go over your work. Tutors are not allowed to do your assignment for you. "Doing" is an essential part of your learning process. If you have not studied the lesson and done the work, you are not yet ready to see a tutor. You will be sent away and asked to return when you have fully prepared. At that time, you will be given the kind of help prescribed by your instructor for that lesson.

3. Tutors are prohibited from giving assistance on take-home quizzes, tests, or exams, so please do not ask them to do so.

4. When you want a tutor to review a composition, you must bring all of your earlier drafts of that composition. Your tutor will need to see any notations made previously by tutors and particularly those by your instructor.

5. If you are writing a long paper, give yourself plenty of time. Bring it to the tutor in parts; the tutors generally look at only three pages in one session.

6. Just before mid-term and final exams, there is always a "traffic jam" in the Center for Academic Success. Do your work early and come in ahead of the "rush hours." Otherwise, be prepared to wait for a tutor, perhaps over one hour. Of course you can use this time to your advantage by doing other homework while waiting.

7. Although we seldom make appointments, we will in certain cases: (a) if your instructor assigns you to work with us on a regular basis; (b) if you are a satellite student and/or your working hours limit your free time.


1. When you are ready to see a tutor, come first to the Tutoring Service Desk. The sign-in assistant will enter your request for a tutor in the computer.

2. Present your HPU student ID card; it must be valid for the current term. Then when asked, give the name and number of your course and the last name of your instructor.

3. To ensure that you get help from a tutor, remain near the service desk to hear your name called when it is your turn. You will lose your turn if you are not around when your name is called.


1. The tutor will want to get to know you and find out exactly the kind of help you need. Please assist your tutor by presenting all of the materials relating to your assignment and by giving clear, precise information about the type of help needed.

2. Take an ACTIVE role in the student tutor relationship. Ask questions. Take notes. Tutors act as guides through the coursework and help you acquire study skills you can apply to other courses. Tutors can help you improve; however, seeing a tutor does not guarantee you an "A"! That depends upon your personal initiative.

3. Since you are entering into a partnership, you may find that you work better with some tutors than with others. That's fine, but remember, the Center for Academic Success operates on a first come first served basis, so if you want to see a particular tutor, you may have to wait longer until he/she is free.

4. Sessions may be limited to 30 minutes in order to give all students an equal opportunity for tutoring.

5. If you need more time, you may sign up for another session, but you must wait your turn when others are waiting to see the same tutors.