Tips for Instructors

The most helpful thing instructors can do to improve the effectiveness of their students’ time with our tutors is by sending in class directions. Tutors find it extremely helpful to have directives from instructors. Instructors are generally more satisfied with the outcome of tutoring sessions when they have communicated their wishes to tutors. If you have special instructions for the tutors, please call or e-mail us (see contact information below). Your guidelines will be placed in an instructions binder where tutors will have access to them. Also, please let your students know what it is that you expect of them before they see a tutor. Please refer to the following suggestions. 

Content Tutoring. For courses which appear on our Math, Arts, Business, and Science (MABS) tutor schedule, our tutors will assist the students in using resources (e.g., textbooks or program editing software), understanding concepts, and utilizing strategies while working toward independence. Please note, students in courses that do not appear on our MABS tutor schedule may still benefit from our services. For example, a math tutor can assist students with understanding or utilizing statistics. Computer science tutors can help students with formatting experimental data. For assistance in comprehension of specific items in texts or preparing an oral presentation, students may work with an English tutor. If you want to prohibit content tutoring on take-home exams, please contact the Tutoring Center when you issue the test and clearly mark the assignment as an exam.

English Tutoring (for courses other than WRI or ENG). You may consider providing us with a set of general guidelines for the semester for written work, such as whether the students may receive grammar tutoring or which style of documentation is preferred (e.g., MLA or APA). You may also issue to the student specific criteria for each assignment, which the student and tutor can refer to during the session. If we do not have directions to the contrary, our tutors will only assist with surface grammar errors, minor issues in organization, and documentation.

Modern Languages. We currently offer language tutors who are advanced or native speakers of Chinese (Mandarin), French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Tutors will focus on oral fluency and pronunciation. You may consider providing us with general guidelines for the semester or issuing to students tutoring assignment sheets, which the student and tutor can refer to during the session.

Please remember that schedules do change from time to time. The latest, updated schedules can always be accessed online at www.hpu.edu/tutoring. Please tell your students about these useful tutoring services and remind them to pick up guides and schedules.

If you have further questions, please contact our Academic Specialist, Meg Hassey.

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