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Listed below are links to commonly used resources for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as some helpful tips for students who are interested in our tutoring services.  A partial list of tutors and courses can help students determine which tutor(s) can best assist them.  If your course is NOT on the list, please contact the Center because we may have tutors who can assist.  Lastly check out our newest services on Student Success Modules and their descriptions.  

Citation Resources


The links below will direct you to documents and presentations on APA style documentation. Of course, these presentations cannot answer all questions on APA style. During the research and writing process, you will likely need to consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

These presentations may be viewed via current versions of standard browsers: Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. No other MS Office software is required. The performance of these presentations depends on the type of internet connection, system speed, and quality of your computer’s sound card. If the audio is distorted on your home system, try viewing the presentation on campus. If the visuals are slightly out of synchronization, click on the appropriate slide title on the presentation’s table of contents (on screen) to restart and reset that slide.  

Early in the research process, view the APA, 6th ed.: PowerPoint Style Guide.

Copies of APA Style Menu are also located in the Meader Library at the downtown campus and in the Education Technology Center at the Hawaii Loa Campus.

The APA Style Menu

APA, 6th ed.: Power Point Style Guide

APA Quick Reference Check (Revised May 2012)

Health Sciences and Nursing Research Prototype 


MLA Library Guide

MLA Quick Reference Check (Revised Aug 2012)

Helpful Tips