In-Person Tutoring


All graduate and undergraduate students currently enrolled on any Hawai‘i Pacific campus may visit the downtown campus Center for Academic Success free of charge. Limited tutoring services are also available free of charge at the Hawai'i Loa campus; please call (808) 544-9334 or stop by Tutoring Center located in Educational Technology Center to see what tutoring services are available there. Students come for tutoring on a voluntary walk-in basis or may be referred by an instructor. Because the sessions are designed to meet individual needs, tutoring is generally given in one-on-one sessions, although some students come in small groups for tutoring. Additionally, many make use of our computer assisted tutoring. The tutoring services have proven effective at all levels of learning, from beginners to advanced, in English, modern languages, and approximately one hundred other courses.


The tutors are friendly, resourceful, and patient. They are students selected for their proficiency in writing, math, accounting, computer science, economics, finance, management, the sciences, and other subjects. Moreover, students who are native speakers of Spanish, French, Japanese, and occasionally Mandarin, Arabic, and Korean offer language tutoring. Many tutors specialize in English essays and research paper, grammar, communication skills, reading, and literature. In addition, since English writing skills are crucial to success in all majors, the Writing tutors maintain a review service for student compositions written for courses other than English.

The combined tutorial talents at the Center for Academic Success meet the needs of several hundred Hawai‘i Pacific students who come in each week for individualized attention. By reinforcing classroom instruction, the tutors make learning easier.