CLEP Exam Information

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Tests


What are the CLEP exams?

CLEPs are computer-administered exams available to adults who are returning to school to obtain a degree or who need evidence of acquired knowledge in specific areas of study, knowledge usually gained in the workplace or through independent study.

Am I eligible to take CLEPs?

 Any current HPU student may take the CLEPs. Military personnel should meet with an on-base advisor for information regarding eligibility and registration procedure.

 What are HPU's CLEP dates?

We administer CLEP exams once a month on a Saturday from January to November. 
Please check the link http://www.hpu.edu/StudentServices/CAS/Testing/CLEP_Schedule.html for its schedule.


 How many credits can I earn for each CLEP?*

Most of the CLEPs you pass will earn three credits at HPU. A few of them will earn six or more credits. First consult your advisor regarding which exam(s) to take.

How many credits total may I earn through CLEP? *

At HPU, the maximum is 36.

Which CLEPs are equivalent to specific HPU courses? *

For information on HPU's COURSE-CLEP equivalents, contact your Advisor.

*NOTE: The Center for Academic Success does not counsel students, nor evaluate or maintain scores. Please see your Advisor to address these concerns.


Can I use the registration form in last year's book?

No.  Previous editions are obsolete.  You need the CURRENT edition, which reflects any changes (e.g., fees and exam titles).  Call the Center for Academic Success (544-9334) or the Assessment Specialist (687-7015) and the latest edition will be sent to you.

How early must I register for a CLEP exam?

One (1) week before the test date. Because seating is limited, we must receive your completed registration form and service fee ($20) to reserve a space. The test fee ($80) is payable on the testing day, although you are encouraged to submit it earlier if paying by check or money order.

Can I register by mail, or should I come to the office?

We encourage you to register by mail, for your convenience and ours.

Or download a current registration form from: 

www.hpu.edu or


Send completed registration forms to:

Hawai'i Pacific University
ATTN: Center for Academic Success - CLEP
Hawai'i Pacific University
1060 Bishop Street, Floor 6
Honolulu, HI 96813

How many CLEPs can I take on the same day at HPU?

Two is the maximum; we recommend taking only one exam per test date, especially if this is your first CLEP.

Can I use one form to register for two exams?

No. EACH exam, even if two are taken on the same day, requires its own registration form and service fee payment. You may duplicate the form in the CLEP bulletin.


What are the fees and acceptable payment methods?

CLEP's exam fee is $80 per exam.

HPU's service fee is $20 per exam.

CLEP strongly encourages you to pay the exam fee by credit card at the time you test. Only American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & JCB are accepted. However, checks and money orders are also accepted.  HPU's service fee of $14 must be paid by check or money order by the registration deadline.

What happens if I don't bring the exam fee or if my credit card is not accepted?

We ask that you bring an alternate method of payment on test day to avoid delays should credit card processing fail. You will not be allowed to begin the exam until the exam fee is collected by credit card, check or money order.

If paying by check, how should I make it out?

For EACH exam, write TWO checks (or money orders). Do not combine these fees. Due to disbursement procedures, we cannot accept combined fees. Checks improperly written will delay your CLEP registration.

Write a $80 (exam fee) check to "CLEP."  This is sent to ETS on the mainland.  ETS provides and processes your exams, provides technical support, maintains records of your scores, and reports scores to you and the school(s) of your choice.

Write a $20 (service fee) check to "Hawai'i Pacific University."   This covers registering you for CLEP; maintaining hardware and software; administering the exam; and maintaining HPU's records of exams.

This service fee is non-refundable.

Do I forfeit fees if I don't come on exam day?

Don't be a "no-show." Call 544-9334 or the Assessment Specialist (544-1131) when you know you will miss an exam. Although you forfeit the $20 service fee, if you have submitted an exam fee, it will be returned. RESCHEDULING AN EXAM REQUIRES ANOTHER SERVICE FEE PAYMENT.


What should I bring on exam day?

Bring your CLEP admission form, your HPU ID, and test fee to the exam. Please keep your form in a secure place until exam day.  Test proctors may refuse admittance to those without the form and/or photo ID. Do not bring cellular phones, calculators, dictionaries or other aids.

Where do I get an admission form?

Your admission form is the registration form.  You must enter all specified personal data including your address. When we register you, we will complete the form, including the test site, make a copy, and return it to you. Please do not misplace your admission form; you must bring it on exam day.

Where are the CLEPs given?

The CLEPs are administered in the Center for Academic Success on Floor 6 at 1060 Bishop Street. Your CLEP admission form will state the exact test location.

 Where can I park?

Several downtown lots have reduced Saturday rates - e.g., Macy's (on Bethel mauka of King St.), Kukui Plaza (on N. Kukui St. off Nu'uanu Ave.), Ali'i Place (on Alakea just before Hotel St.).  

What time do CLEPs begin?

The CLEP test begins at 9:00 a.m. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Prior to the exam, you will be briefed on important procedures for entering all essential data via computer. This usually takes 10 minutes. When questions have been answered and everyone is ready, the exam will begin.

How long are the exams?

Each exam is 90 minutes; however, tutorials and data loading extend actual testing time to approximately 2 hours.           


What books can I study to prepare for CLEP, and where can I find them?

The following are some of the titles available in the Reference Services section of HPU's Meader Library (1060 Bishop St, Floor 2). Reference books are for use only in the library.  The Adult Service Center may carry other titles on a reference basis as well.

College Board Guide to the CLEP Examinations, recommended in the CLEP booklet, has sample questions and lists books to study for each exam. One copy of this official study guide is also available in the Testing Center on a reference basis only; it cannot be copied or removed from the Center.

Locator Guides to CLEP Study Resources, a series prepared by the Reference staff, identify O'ahu libraries that have specific study materials. Barron's How to Prepare for the CLEP General Examinations contains practice exams. Do one and time yourself; if you can pass it in the allotted time, you should be ready to take the CLEP. CLEP PREP CENTER on the College Board Web site, www.collegeboard.com/clep offers individual study guides for $10 and the CLEP Sampler free.

To purchase guides, check with the HPU Bookstore or other local bookstores for special order information.


 Who gets the score report?

Scores are sent to the HPU Admissions (not the Center for Academic Success), but only if you request this by making HPU your score recipient on exam day.  You will receive a printout of your score report immediately upon completion of the exam.

 I received my score, but what does it mean? What score is "passing"?

Academic Advising (544-1198) can answer HPU students' questions about scores. Scores do not represent percentages. Ask for a copy of What Your CLEP Score Means for other information. The HPU Center for Academic Success does not evaluate or maintain scores. Call the downtown Advising Office (544-1198), Hawai'i Loa Campus Advising Office (236-3578) or Center for Graduate & Adult Services (543-8034).