Academic Advising


Academic Advising & Faculty Partnership

The partnership between faculty and academic advisors is a powerful force for student success. Faculty members are encouraged to alert advisors when they think a student needs academic advising or information about other useful resources on campus.

Advisors can also help promote new classes, special guest lectures, and other departmental activities for undergraduates.

Academic Concerns

If you are concerned about a student for academic reasons and want to let us know, you may report your concerns by emailing advising at  You may also contact the student's academic advisor directly. Advisors’ contact information is available here. This is often an important step as a student's performance in one class may jeopardize his/her academic eligibility for the next term and could be reflective of their performance in other courses.

We will gladly connect students with their academic advisor and appropriate services to provide proactive support.

Indicators that a student may be needing assistance:

  • Students who are experiencing academic difficulties
  • High ability students that appear to be unchallenged
  • Students who are uncertain of educational goals and opportunities
  • Students who need career advice and future direction

Once notified, the advisor will contact the student to share your concern and discuss strategies for improving academic performance.  Students are always encouraged to work first with the course instructor. The advisor and student will attempt to identify areas of concern, and as appropriate, the advisor will refer the student to campus resources for academic, emotional and physical support.

Faculty can support our efforts to help students succeed in the classroom by participating in the following retention efforts:

  • Early Alert
  • Midterm Deficiency Report
  • Submit names of students who have significant number of absences or have not shown up for class within the first two weeks to: