Graduate Academic Advising

Graduate Registration Guide

Congratulations and welcome to Hawai'i Pacific University! Please take a moment to review this information prior to registration. If you have questions, contact our main number at (808) 544-1150 or one of our academic advisors for assistance.

STEP 1: Pay Your Registration Deposit

A non-refundable registration deposit of $200.00 is required prior to register for courses. Deposit payments can be made anytime online through Campus Pipeline (Look for My Quick Links located on the My HPU tab. Click on eBill + Pay Bill. The deposit can be made by selecting Make a Payment under the eBill heading). Students may also make payments by calling or visiting the HPU Business Office (#808-356-5272) or Registrar's Office (#808-544-0239). Only those students who have paid their registration deposit will be e-mailed their authorization to Web register. It may take up to 24 hours to process your payment, and you will not be able to register until it is processed.

STEP 2: Explore Campus Pipeline

HPU's Pipeline is a secure intranet connecting users to personalized content and services and providing access to e-mail, and other links. New students will receive their Pipeline login information with their acceptance packet. The login page can be accessed at

If you have problems logging on, contact Computing Services at (808) 566-2411. You may also contact your academic advisor for assistance.

STEP 3: Clear any Holds on your Account

Holds may prevent you from registering, obtaining a student id, viewing or receiving grades, transcripts, or diplomas. To check your holds, log onto your pipeline account, go to My Quick Links and click on View holds. To clear your holds on your account, please contact the Originator of the hold to determine the applicable documentation that must be submitted and/or remit payment to the Business Office.

STEP 4: Review Your Degree Requirements

Within each program, there are courses and pre-requisites that define the degree requirements. You will want to write down the pre-requisite(s) for the courses you need to take. To determine the degree requirements for your program, click here, then select your program, and then select "Degree Requirements" from the right hand menu. You can click individual courses to view course pre-requisites.  You can also check your Degree Plan to see which courses you have completed and which you still have pending. Your Degree Plan is your overall road map to graduation.

STEP 5: Design Your Success Through Academic Advising

Academic advisors assist students by facilitating communication between students, faculty and staff, assist in degree planning, review coursework, syllabi, assignments, and much more. Click here to meet with an advisor.

STEP 6: Select Your Course Schedule 

You can search sections and locations of classes via HPU's website. Enter your query using the Course Schedule; for example, MGMT 6100 or another 6000-level course. Enter the term/semester and click "Search." The next screen will list the available sections. Click the course title to show the Course, Course Code, Course Description, Pre-requisite(s), Course Reference Number (CRN), Location, Instructor's Name, Time of Class, and other related information. In cases where there are more than one section, write down your preferred CRNs in the order of priority in preparation of registering online.

STEP 7: Register Online

After you've made a list of classes that you would like to attend, you're ready to register online. Students will be issued authorizations for web registration. Only students who have paid their registration deposit, or been cleared to register will be issued a time ticket or invisible pass to register. Login to your Pipeline account, within the "My Quick Links" section select "Register Online." Select option six (6), enter your CRNs, and click "Submit for Changes." You can view your Class Schedule by returning to the main menu, and selecting "Class Schedule." Since the first day of classes usually begins on Tuesday, navigate to the second week to view your full schedule of courses. If you receive an error message, print screen the message into an email to your primary academic advisor. Your academic advisor will contact you with instructions once the problem has been resolved.