Academic Advising

Print Your Degree Plan

1.  Log into your Pipeline account.

2.  Click on Degree Plan - blue button in the "My Quick Links" section in the middle of the page.

3.  Select the current term, click to submit.

4.  Here is your current degree information:
(1) If you want to print your current degree plan, click Current Degree Plan at the bottom.  IMPORTANT: The TERM that you enter here must be the TERM YOU STARTED this degree program.  Follow the steps to Generate Your Request and Print it.   
(2) If you want to see how your classes would populate another degree plan (like when you are thinking about changing majors), click New Degree Plan.  Choose a new major and the TERM that you enter here is the Current Term since you are thinking of changing your major now.  Follow the steps to Generate Your Request and print it.

5.  Bring your printed degree plan to your advising appointment and we'll commend you for being so well prepared!