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  • Self-Paced Online Courses allow students to complete academic courses online, at their own pace, and in a supported environment
  • For the student juggling a full life: career, family, high travel commitments and/or difficulty committing to traditional classroom deadlines
  • Flexible schedule for the student with technology restrictions. These courses equips you to learn when and where you’re able, with audio podcasts and quizzes available to download and use on-the-go

HRD 1000: Intro. to Human Resource Development
PADM 1000: Intro. to Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Self-Paced Online Course?
Self-Paced Online Courses are web-based courses built for individualized study. These Self-paced courses have several differences from HPU’s online courses, including more flexibility in learning the material. For example, there are no assignment due dates other than the last date of the course. This allows a student the ability to accelerate through some material and allow for more study time in the areas that need additional reflection. All quizzes, tests and assignments must be completed and submitted by the last day of term in which the course is listed to be eligible for a passing grade.

Are Self-Paced Online Courses right for me?
Self-Paced Online Courses are helpful for students who are not able to keep up with weekly assignment deadlines due to other commitments such as travel. Students who take Self-Paced Online Courses should be organized and self-disciplined.

Will there be an instructor?
There will be an HPU instructor monitoring all Self-Paced Online Courses and will be able to answer questions as needed. There is also online tutoring available to support students in these self-paced courses. 

Are Self-Paced Online Courses covered by Financial Aid, Tuition Assistance and VA benefits?
Self-Paced Online Courses are eligible for funding as any other online course subject to the registration rules for the term in which it is listed. VA housing benefits will be paid based on the dates of the session in which the course is listed.

Where do I access my Self-Paced Online Course?
You will access your Self-Paced Online Course under “My Courses” in Campus Pipeline via Blackboard.

What is the charge for Self-Paced Online Courses?
Tuition for Self-Paced Online Courses is the same as for other courses.