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Can't Connect? Library Databases Help Page

The HPU Libraries subscribe to numerous online resources. Vendor and publisher licensing restrictions limit access to these databases to current Hawai'i Pacific University students, faculty, and staff. For more specific information, please see the Electronic Database Usage Policies.

The libraries employ a proxy server to enable off-campus access for authorized users.  If you are off-campus and click on a link to a licensed  resources (whether from the Library Catalog, Pipeline Libraries' tab, or another site), you will be prompted to enter your Blackboard credentials.  Doing so will authenticated your computer/device for this session, and allow you access.

If you need help with your Blackboard account, please contact the HPU Help Desk at (808) 566-2411 or

Common Problems With Off Campus Access:


  • Minimum browser requirements: please use current versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer , Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome, or Apple's Safari. Some students have found that problems with one browser are not present with another browser.
  • The AOL (America Online) browser will not work for off campus access to databases.  


  • Cookies: Set your browser to accept cookies. Check your browser's Help file for instructions on how to modify your settings.
  • JavaScript: Set your browser to enable JavaScript.
  • Pop Up Blockers: Turn off.
  • After reconfiguring your computer, you may need to clear the cache (delete cookies), history, and temporary files.


  • Firewall and Internet security software [Norton Anti-virus, McAfee, etc.] block traffic from moving in and out of your home network; however, most default settings are very restrictive and make accessing the library's databases difficult or impossible.
  • Turn them off temporarily to access the database. You can turn them back on as soon as you gain entry to the database you want to search.


  • "How do I access ebooks through the library catalog while I am off-campus?"

    You must access the HPU Discovery via Campus Pipeline. The link routes you through the Libraries' proxy server and authenticates your machine. 

  • "I'm trying to access the database from work and I cannot login."

    When trying to access the HPU Libraries' databases from work, users should check with whomever is responsible for network security. Many employers, particularly federal and state agencies and military installations and contractors, configure their networks in such a way that access to our databases is prevented. This is usually due to firewalls and other security features; these are there for legitimate security concerns and should not be tampered with without permission. 


  • What's this?  
  • This is HPU’s link resolver.  When you see this icon in an online database, click on it to check for full text availability.  If a full text source is available, follow the link provided.  You may be connected to the article, or to the journal’s homepage.  HPU licenses many full text resources, but it is not possible to provide access to every article published.  Unavailable articles may be requested through interlibrary loan.

If you continue to have problems accessing any of the library's electronic resources, contact us. Please be as SPECIFIC as possible when reporting problems by email...

  • Which database were you trying to use?
  • What browser are you using? (example, Internet Explorer 5.5)
  • Was there an error message? What did it say?
  • What kind of operating system are you using? (example, Windows 7, Mac)
  • Did you follow any of the above recommendations to solve the problem?

Call the Reference Desk at 544-1133 or email the Libraries at

HPU Computing Services at 566-2411 [Click here to contact Computing Services via an online form]