Student Testimonials

"I used to speak four languages, but now I have picked up even more languages from the new friends that I’ve made here!"
Amanda, Malaysia
"HPU students can go to so many places all over the world to learn a language"
Natascha, Brazil
"I have been impressed by the technology at HPU such as the computer systems, projectors etc., which make learning easier and more interactive."
Mathieu, France
"I found out about HPU when I was attending a community college in Seattle, Washington. I was looking for a university that would provide cultural experience, small size classes, and lots of nature. HPU was exactly what I was looking for."
Masaru, Japan
"I realized that I needed a dramatic change in my life, climate-wise as much as a need to go where I hadn't gone before."
Eirik, Norway
"I have learned many things since coming to HPU. I have to be really organized and on-time to get good grades, which has made me more responsible."
Filliphe, Brazil
"My multicultural background and open-minded personality make it easy for me to be approachable and interested to other cultures and languages. HPU is the perfect place for me to develop my passions and further my understanding of International Relations."
Yasemin, Germany
"I also like that most of the professors teach you to think for yourself and to be critical."  
Valdete, Sweden
"Even by just walking around the downtown campus, you’ll be surrounded by students from many different countries, which is an experience that only HPU can offer."
Quynh, Vietnam
"HPU focuses a lot on group work so I have learned to cooperate with people from all over the world, which is something that I will bring with me when I’m done with my studies."
Aleksandra, Sweden
"I chose HPU not only because its great location and weather;   I was also impressed by the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program as I wanted to study different teaching approaches."
Junggu, Korea
"HPU helps students fast-track their way to their desired career goals."
Xiaofan, China
"The downtown campus is right in the heart of Honolulu while the Windward campus gives students amazing views of the nature of Hawai’i. The surrounding community is open and at the same time relaxed, thus showing the Aloha spirit. However, that is only the icing to the already tasty cake."
Eugene, Malaysia
What I like about HPU is that I make friends much more quickly here than anywhere else on the mainland. 
Sanjeev, Nepal

Amanda, Malaysia
Natascha, Brazil
Mathieu, France
Masaru, Japan
Eirik, Norway
Felliphe, Brazil
Yasemin, Germany
Valdete, Sweden/Kosovo
Quynh, Vietnam
Aleksandra Stankivic Sweden
Junggu, Korea
Xiaofan, China
Eugene, Malaysia
Rusara, Sri Lanka
Gintare, Lithuania

Amanda, Malaysia

Amanda Eng

I am a graduate of the undergraduate business program at HPU and am currently enrolled in the MBA program.  The program I did while in Malaysia was a training program and I knew that I wanted to transfer to a school in the United States.  I met Bernard Chong at a University fair; he was a great help and was very knowledgeable.  I ended up choosing HPU because of the helpful International Center staff and also because of HPU’s beautiful location in Hawaii. 

What I like most is the multiculturalism at HPU.  I have never met so many people from different places; now, I have friends from all over the world.  I used to speak four languages, but now I have picked up even more languages from the new friends that I’ve made here!    HPU even has Intercultural Day, which gives us a chance to share our home country and culture with others through traditional games, displays and performances.  There are so many ways to get involved.  I even had the opportunity to serve as the president of the Malaysian Student Association.  Through this organization we established relationships with the Malaysian Embassy and even met the Prime Minister.  In addition, the staff and advisors are so helpful and friendly; International students are treated fairly and equally at HPU.

 I also like that the main HPU campus is downtown where students can integrate with and meet business professionals.  Additionally, many of the professors currently hold positions in a company or own their own company so they have practical experience that they can pass along to their students.  HPU also offers great internships and has connections with big, world-wide companies. I even landed an internship at Merill Lynch and was later offered a full-time position there as an Administrative Manager Assistant.  This is a great first job and stepping-stone for my career.  HPU prepared me well for this position and for the MBA program as I learned to be more outspoken.  Since English is not my first language, the practical work, presentations, research and group work really helped and I didn’t feel pressured when speaking English.

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Natascha, Brazil

Natascha Ometto
Florianopolis, Brazil
General Business

I found out about HPU because a good friend of mine was already studying here.  She convinced me to come by telling me that HPU is a really good school and that I would be able to find a better job after graduation.  I first came to HPU in September 2007 to improve my English in the EFP program (English Foundations Program) and now I’m studying in the General Business program.  The professors in my program prepare students for the future and teach you what is happening right now.  Classes such as Human Resources Management and Introduction to Business gave me a good background for my internship and for the future.

One of the best things about HPU is the Career Services Center, which I find is very useful.  They assist students with getting internships and finding business contacts.  They also set up meetings with well-known companies who need new employees so I could meet with business people face-to-face.  I got an internship at Sheraton Waikiki as the Front Office Manager, which was a good experience for me because Hawaii has the best travel industry in the world. 

I also really like the environment at HPU.   There are people from so many places with different perspectives.  I even had a chance to study abroad after learning about it during a presentation in class.  HPU students can go to so many places all over the world to learn a language!  I went to Seville, Spain to take history and language classes and I was able to use my scholarship to help pay for it.  It was a great experience because Spain was a completely different environment compared to Hawaii and I was able to learn other points of view on subjects that I had learned at HPU.

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Mathieu, France

Mathieu Milani
B.A. in Environmental Studies Transfer Student

I first heard about HPU because it has a partnership with my former university in France.  I also met Stefanie Demin while in France and she was so friendly, helpful and willing to answer all of my questions. There were many universities to choose from for my major but I chose to come to HPU because it was the best choice for me.  This is my first time studying abroad for a lengthy period of time and I chose HPU because of its great reputation, environment and for the way that the Environmental Studies program allows students to study a mix of both science and business.  Once I arrived in Hawaii in January 2010, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice, warm welcome that I received from everyone at HPU.   I am glad to be a student at one of the most international universities in the world.

Before I arrived at HPU, I didn’t realize that the downtown campus would be in a busy business district.  The way that the campus is undefined allows students mingle with business people, which is very unique.   On the Windward Hawaii Loa campus, students are able to be closer to nature and the beautiful scenery; I also like to take advantage of the great infrastructure that is in place such as the soccer fields.  Of course, there is also the great weather, ocean and surf, which are also things that I enjoy about being in Hawaii.

I have also been impressed by the technology at HPU such as the computer systems, projectors etc., which make learning easier and more interactive.  Additionally, I find that the teachers are very friendly, open, innovative and communicative at HPU.  For example, if I have a question, I can call or e-mail my professor directly and get a quick response from them.  Some professors even give out their personal cell phone numbers!  Even though a hierarchy between the teachers and the students is still maintained, I still feel encouraged to discuss different topics and try out different ideas in the classroom.  Furthermore, my classes at HPU have not only allowed me to meet people from different cultures and see others’ point of view, they also have opened my mind about how things are done in the United States.

I also feel that my education at HPU will prepare me well for the future.  Here, I am able to get the qualifications that will be desirable when I enter the working world.  Because my program is a mix of science and business, I am able to understand both fields well and I am even able to get a double Bachelor’s Degree.  Currently, I have been able to work on-campus in the LAC and the Communication Video Lab and I will have further opportunities to do research and an internship before graduation, which will give me even more valuable work experience in the United States.

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Masaru, Japan

Masaru Moromisato
BA in International Relations

I found out about HPU when I was attending a community college in Seattle, Washington. I was looking for a university that would provide cultural experience, small size classes, and lots of nature. HPU was exactly what I was looking for.

Multiculturalism at HPU is so remarkable that you could not ever imagine interacting with so many people from different countries at other universities. Being Japanese born in Peru, I see myself quite culturally open minded. My family and I moved to Tokyo, Japan when I was 4 and I was raised there since then. However, since my parents were also born in Peru, the unique background unconsciously helped me build a flexible mindset. HPU still impresses me every day with its diversity: By going to classroom or simply walking on campus. The number of European students is significant, thus allowing me to learn more about new different perspectives without paying for an air ticket to Europe or any other places where I have never been yet.

Maximum class size of 25 students is rare and that attracted me the most when I first heard about HPU. I even had a class where there were only 7 students. This kind of class setting encourages students to participate in discussions and also allows students to more willingly interact with their instructor as they seem to be more approachable. The professors at HPU are truly experienced, and very enthusiastic to support you with as much help as they can provide to you; and you can even have long lasting friendships with your instructors.

Having the Hawaii Loa Campus surrounded by mountains is entertaining and relaxing at the same time. Hawaii is definitely one of the best places to go hiking, which can give you a magnificent scenery on the apex. HPU Downtown Campus is located about 10 minutes by bike from the beautiful beachs and less than an hour by bus from the numerous hiking trails in all directons. I personally have interest in the field of environmental protection and living in Hawaii always makes me realize keenly how precious our nature is. What I like about Hawaii the most though is how friendly and nature-loving people are here. I spent time deciding to which university to transfer, but HPU was the right choice and definitely is the University that I would like to recommend to others too.


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Eirik, Norway

Eirik, Norway
MA in Communication

Before I came to HPU, I already had some international experience: For example; my first encounter with American culture as an exchange student in North Carolina back in 1998, also, a semester on a small East Coast college in the early millennium after I had to return to serve a mandatory year in the army. I  spent the last two years prior to HPU in Copenhagen, Denmark, completing my bachelor of education that I began at the most northern university in the world, the University of Tromsø, Norway.

Later, I realized that I needed a dramatic change in my life, climate-wise as much as a need to go where I hadn't gone before.
I met Lilian Hallstrom at a fair in Denmark. The graduate program in Communication at HPU sounded appealing to me. Additionally, the Hawai’i location and the English language played a crucial role in my decision to come to HPU.

So, I came to Hawaii in Fall 2008 as a graduate student. I decided to study communication in its broad aspect as it’s such a multifaceted field that studying the bigger picture of communication would give me much more fundamental knowledge and tools necessary for my career in media-related fields. In the new work force we need to be able to multitask.

What I really like about HPU is that it really makes me feel like a Cosmopolitan Earthling. From students of different cultures here at HPU I learn that, we are one people on one planet, who need to respect one another and make our world a better place.

For this same reason, I recently took a summer program at HPU and traveled to South Africa to work on a global documentary. We were six people from different fields of communication from HPU that came together in Pretoria, South Africa, to shoot a dynamic documentary. Our preconceptions about this country vaporized an a whole new paradigm was created. ". Our team "HPU- Africa" will continue to edit and produce positive message about this beautiful country.

Class sizes at HPU are relatively small and students can get more attention from their teachers, and even develop long lasting friendships with them.  Thus, my advice to all students at HPU would be to spend their time wisely: Create a global network of friends, explore Hawaii "the last frontier" for its culture and now mixed plate ethnic background, the growing art venues in Chinatown, and all the out door activities this magical island group has to offer.   

Currently I am exploring the Beatniks influence in literature and film and hope after finishing school, to move to San Francisco where I plan to start writing a short novel book band on global experience. I don't only want to embrace bohemia but also cheat King Winter a while longer.

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felliphe, Brazil

Felliphe Castro
Sao Paulo, Brazil
BA in International Business

It has always been my dream to come to Hawaii.  When I was deciding to come to HPU, I spoke to Gui Albieri from the International Center because he is also from Brazil.  He was very friendly and helpful when he explained what it would be like to come to HPU and Hawaii.  I began studying here in September 2007 in the EFP program (English Foundation Program) and now I’m in the International Business program.

I like the atmosphere at HPU because it’s unique from most colleges.  Here, you can meet people from all over the world and HPU’s location in the middle of Honolulu’s downtown business district allows students to interact with business people.

There are also many good resources on campus for HPU students.  The Career Center is helpful and the advisors there tell you everything you need to know in order to get a great internship.  Their HPU Connect website is very useful for finding businesses that are looking for interns.  I even landed an internship at Turtle Bay Resort in the Special Events Department.  The Tutoring Center is another great resource at HPU.  It is a good place to go when you have a paper due because they can help to correct it and check for grammar mistakes.  The tutors there are always very helpful and friendly.

I have learned many things since coming to HPU.  I have to be really organized and on-time to get good grades, which has made me more responsible.  The professors here are very knowledgeable and they have prepared me for my internships and for the future.  My Human Resource Management class prepared me for job interviews and how to create a resume that will make me stand out.  I have also learned many things in my Computer Science classes that will be useful in many business situations

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Yasemin, Germany

Yasemin Karabudak
BA in International Relations

Aloha! I am Yasemin Karabudak, an international student from Germany. Trusting my heart in decision making delighted my life with great experiences. Based on my experiences in the United States as an exchange student in 2006/07 I decided to study International Relations at Hawai’i Pacific University.

 I started my studies at HPU in fall 2009 and I feel like it has been one of the best decisions. Besides interacting with outstanding professors and the diverse student body in an excellent in-class atmosphere, I also took the initiative to get involved with the various student organizations HPU has to offer. One of them is the United Nations Club; I joined because it is my ambition to become an internationally engaged diplomat. After researching about Slovenia, getting acquainted with the works of UNICEF, developing public speaking skills and fundraising, a team of 11 dedicated students and I went to the National Model United Nations Conference in New York to take part in the simulations of the sessions of the UN’s committees. It was a tremendous learning experience for me and to follow up with what I was exposed to during the conference, I also got the opportunity to go to Cambodia to study and do volunteer work for a NGO that cares about orphans. Additionally, I held various leadership positions in the German Speaking Student Association and Student Government since freshman year, organizing events and working on issues that deal with student concerns and complaints. My deep appreciation for HPU also stems from working on campus as Office Assistant at the Faculty Support Center which gives me the chance to interact with Faculty and Staff of HPU on a daily basis.

My multicultural background and open-minded personality make it easy for me to be approachable and interested to other cultures and languages. HPU is the perfect place for me to develop my passions and further my understanding of International Relations. Mahalo HPU!

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Valdete, Sweden

Valdete Sylaj
BA in Advertising

I came to HPU in Fall 2009.  I first became interested in coming to HPU after meeting Lilian Hallstrom, in Sweden at a seminar where she spoke about HPU and Hawaii.  I also met two other Swedish students who had gone to HPU and had great things to say about the school. 

The best thing about HPU is the small class sizes, which I love.  The teachers are very good and open to listening to students’ ideas.   Additionally, they are very understanding and encourage many interesting class discussions.  Most universities don’t offer this kind of relaxed environment where discussions are possible.  For example, I went to a university back home for one year and there were 200 people in each class!  I feel that I am learning more here at HPU.

I also like that most of the professors teach you to think for yourself and to be critical.  They encourage you to bend things your own way while making you feel secure in pursuing what you want in the future.  I am encouraged to be creative and feel comfortable in expressing myself here.

That many student worker positions available on campus is another aspect of HPU that I like.  These positions allow students to work within the school to earn some extra money and gain work experience in the United States.  These positions are also very flexible with my class schedule.

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Quynh, Vietnam

Quynh Dao
BA in
International Business

I have been studying at HPU since Spring 2009.  I found out about HPU when I was studying at St. Joseph High School in Hilo, on the Big Island, as an exchange student from Vietnam.  My high school counselor told me about HPU so I decided to visit the campus.  During my many visits, I felt welcomed and liked the fun, internationally-oriented environment.  I chose to go here because it is a private institution and I knew that it would be a good place to study International Business.

One thing that I really like about HPU is how small the classes are so I have a good chance to have personal interaction with both my peers and professors.  The small class sizes also help me feel less intimidated and more comfortable when speaking in front of other people.  I also like that there are a lot of international students here at HPU and I get to learn about different cultures through my classes and various events on campus such as Intercultural Day, the Holiday Bazaar and extracurricular clubs.  Even by just walking around the downtown campus, you’ll be surrounded by students from many different countries, which is an experience that only HPU can offer. At HPU, I’ve made a lot of friends—both local and foreign. I have learned so much from them about different cultures, experiences and languages.

Another thing that I like about HPU is that it’s easy to be involved in many activities, clubs and to participate in events.  I’m in Spirit Club so I get to cheer at a lot of games and it makes me feel like I’m a part of the school community.  I also volunteer at different events on campus and work part-time at the International Center, which gives me an “insider’s perspective” on what’s going on at HPU.  When you’re actively involved it helps you as a person to be a more outgoing and communicate well with others in order to make new friends and networking connections.

Of course Hawaii’s weather, and HPU’s location is great.  Hawaii is one of the cleanest and safest places in the world. It is almost always sunny here and there are many beaches were you can go to relax and hang out with friends. 

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Aleksandra Stankovic, Sweden

Aleksandra Stankovic
Stockholm, Sweden
BA in Advertising

I found out about Hawai`i Pacific University through because I was looking to transfer from another university in the United States.  I play tennis, so I was looking for a school that had a strong tennis program on the west coast.  While applying to different schools in California, I figured that I could apply to HPU as well; however, I never thought that I would end up here.  I talked to the tennis coach here and he offered me to an opportunity to come play for his team, so I said why not—it’s Hawai`i!  Hawai`i has always been a place that I wanted to visit, so when I was offered a position on the tennis team at HPU, I was thrilled.  I began my studies here in Fall 2008.

So far, one thing that I really like about HPU is that the people are so friendly and helpful.  All of the faculty members are always looking out for the students and it feels like the staff and students are truly a small community.  Students get to have really good relationships with the professors because of the small class sizes, and you meet a lot of new friends from all parts of the world in the classes.  I enjoy meeting new people from all over the world and the cultural diversity at the school is definitely one of the unique features of HPU.  Additionally, I like the fact that I can play the sport that I love while getting a great education.  I’m very proud of being a student-athlete here and I love to represent HPU on the tennis court.

Also, because of the multiculturalism on campus and also the education that I am getting at HPU, I have learned a lot about different world cultures and this has made me a world citizen.  HPU focuses a lot on group work so I have learned to cooperate with people from all over the world, which is something that I will bring with me when I’m done with my studies.  I think that this is very important in today’s society since it is becoming more and more diverse.  I’m majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and I’m very thankful for the professors who have prepared me to work and succeed in that field.  When I graduate from HPU, I know that I will be able to achieve my future goals and get the job that I’m dreaming of!

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Junggu, Korea

Junggu Shin
Seoul, Korea
Study Abroad, BATESL Certificate

I found out about Hawai`i Pacific University while I was studying at Konkuk University, which was my school in Korea.   I’ve always really wanted to study abroad and when I found out that my school had an agreement with HPU I was very interested.  I chose HPU not only because its great location and weather;   I was also impressed by the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program as I wanted to study different teaching approaches.  I began my studies in spring 2010 and I will study here for one year to receive my TESL certificate.

One thing that I really like about HPU is the faculty because they are very kind, professional and knowledgeable.  Because I am a foreign student, it is sometimes difficult for me to understand some concepts; however, the faculty is always very patient with me and they take the time to explain things well.  In particular, I have learned a lot from my TESL professor, Jean Kirschenmann.  She is very kind.  She makes her students feel very comfortable and I can ask her anything about the course material or life in Hawai`i.  She also has a lot of experience teaching all over the world and is very knowledgeable about the field so she is able to give me practical advice.

Another thing that I like about HPU is the dorm life.  The day that I arrived in Hawai`i happened to be a holiday, but the friendly people at the residence halls made me feel welcome.  Debbie, a cafeteria worker at Sodexho, talked to me and helped me get my key, introduced me to a R.A. and even arranged to get me lunch!  Through living in the dorms, I met a lot of friends who have different majors than my own and who are from all over the world.  Additionally, there are a lot of fun activities organized by the R.A’s and housing staff.  For example, I went on a hike at Makapu`u Point, to see the sunrise on the north shore, and I even got to go to a basketball game.   They also had fun cultural activities that everyone could participate in.

Also, HPU’s location is perfect.  The weather is not too hot and not too cold.  There are so many beautiful places to see.  You can rent a car and explore the island during breaks or even ride the bus.  During break, I used the bus to travel around the island.  Even though it was my first time traveling alone by bus in a foreign place, I felt safe and the kind people helped me find where I wanted to go.   I know that travelling alone by bus can be dangerous in many other places, but not here!

My studies here will help me prepare for the future.  I want to teach math in English and I will be able to use the certification that I get here anywhere.  I have learned about many different teaching methods and have received advice on how to apply for jobs.  My program has a practicum course that allows me to observe actual classroom situations and practice teaching in English, which is very helpful.  I also work as a math tutor in the Tutoring Center where I have had practical experience explaining things in English, while also working in the United States.  This will be great for my resume!

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Xiaofan, China

Xiaofan Cui
BSBA in Travel Industry Management

What is a luxury at HPU is the typical clas size.  Most classes at HPU are relatively small, which allows professors to get to know every student and give them the individual attention they need and deserve.  It is this environment that has made it very easy for me to maximize my own learning.

Perhaps the most important thing I want to point out is that HPU helps students fast-track their way to their desired career goals. Take the Travel Industry Management for example; HPU has built good connections with the most reputable companies in travel industry such as Disney, Starwood, and Outrigger.  We also have a Career Service Center to help us set up internships, job shadowings, seminars, and other exciting activities.  HPU is doing everything possible to prepare its students for their future career.  In my case, the travel industry is the passion of my life, and now I can see a clear path ahead with the help of HPU.

Several days ago, a friend of mine back at home asked my advice for choosing a university abroad.  I told her "come to Hawai'i, come to HPU!" I truly believe that neither of us will ever regret this decision, since HPU may be the only place that its students can honestly say "we study hard, we play hard."

Being immersed in the local culture in Hawai'i, the ever-present aloha spirit that permeates through its people has made adjusting to my living away from home much easier.

HPU is a truly international university.  I get to know people from all over the world, learn cultures that I only could dream of, and have the opportunity to make global friends.

HPU has a strong commitment to its students. The International Center and Tutoring Center are the two departments that have provided me with the support to be a well-rounded student.  While the International Center alleviates the problems associated with my nonacademic issues, the Tutoring Center provides the academic support and resources that allow me to succeed in class.  Moreover, all of my professors and HPU staff are always ready to help, as they all genuinely care for their students and are very enthusiastic about their jobs!

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Eugene, Malaysia

Eugene Mak
BSBA in Finances

I am a transfer student at HPU from HELP University College since Spring 2009 with only a semester left. I will graduate with a major in Finance.

I first heard about HPU when I was looking for a university back in Malaysia to transfer to. I always wanted to transfer to a university in the United States.

HPU possess many factors that make HPU unique and amazing compared to other places.  The downtown campus is right in the heart of Honolulu while the Windward campus gives students amazing views of the nature of Hawai’i. The surrounding community is open and at the same time relaxed, thus showing the Aloha spirit. However, that is only the icing to the already tasty cake.

HPU’s faculty brings the real world to the class. Majority of the professors are either experienced professionals in their respective fields or retired from the industry. These professionals, in class, don’t just teach from the book, but teach through their experience in the working world. Most of the lecturers that I have had always had stories to tell about a topic that they had encountered in the working world. This is what I believe makes HPU unique, giving it an edge to those learning from these wonderful minds that they will one day be world leaders in their respective fields.

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Rusara, Sri Lanka

Rusara Seneviratne
Sri Lanka
BA Science in Biology

I first heard about HPU through an university agent while in High School, who had recently connected with the university. I had always planned to attend a college in the US and I was very excited about the possibility of attending a college in Hawaii. Later on, I attended the signing of a MoU between U of Ruhuna in Sri Lanka and HPU, where I was able to meet and speak with Chad Schempp, who answered a lot of the questions I had and gave me an idea of what to expect. 

There is a lot of positive things to say about HPU. For starters, it is in Hawai’i! What more do you need to say! I love the climate and the island!! Most people plan to retire to pieces of paradise and I feel immensely lucky to start off my journey in paradise. I love how the HPU community is small and so hugely diverse. I have made friends and know people from practically all over the world. This makes for such a wonderful mix of cultures, languages, opinions and the warmth of aloha means we all get along and everyone is really nice. In a typical classroom there is so much to learn from the different opinions the students have had in their respective countries. The small class size means the professors know you by name, which means you get to stay in close contact with the faculty, and hence get to ask questions and get individualized help if you need to. The community is so relaxed and friendly, which is all really wonderful!

After completing my bachelors, I plan to apply to Medical College and eventually become a neurosurgeon. I feel that HPU has a really extensive program of study, which gives you a good background in your undergrad. The small size of the community means that students who take the initiative really have a lot of opportunities available to them. In which sense, it is easier to participate in activities that would make you more desirable in terms of acceptance to a program. Also the professors are so accessible and friendly, it is always easy to get questions answered and get guidance, since they care about actually making sure you understand something from the course as opposed to just giving out grades.

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Gintare, Lithuania

Gintare Janulaityte
MA in Military and Diplomacy Studies

I am Gintare Janulaityte, an international student from Lithuania, currently enrolled in HPU's Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Military Studies. I started my program in fall 2009 and I expect to be graduated in May 2011. This is going to be my second master’s degree, as I have already graduated with a Masters in International Law in Lithuania. 

I was always interested in diplomacy and international relations. In order to have a strong ground in the field I started with international law studies, which gave me a tremendous amount of knowledge not only in legal matters, national and international laws, statehood, human rights, but also in politics, ways of communications, international dialogues and methods on how to deal with heterogeneous subjects in any aspect of human life (local governments, international organizations, states, people). I see myself in a near future as a Lithuanian ambassador and also, once I reach the constitutional age requirement of 40, I will run for Lithuanian presidency. As it is said, thoughts have an energetic potential to become real, so I have no doubt in my success.

I was always fascinated with the U.S. academic stand and wanted to study in this land of dreams. Internet searches on diplomacy studies in the U.S. gave me many options. However, I picked Hawaii Pacific University, because Diplomacy and Military studies program offered class diversity with highly qualified professors, spectacular opportunities to network and meet important officials (diplomats, CIA, ambassadors etc.), and also, rich international environment. This academic ambit constantly enhances my preparation for the diplomatic career, already allows me to be an ambassador of my beautiful country. I am the first Lithuanian in this program!

HPU gives me an immaculate opportunity to practice leadership skills, network, and meet amazing people. HPU is the university which unites nations; my big group of friends is a perfect example of that. Moreover, I am happy to have highly professional teachers who are always ready to help and who are like parents to their students. I highly admire my professors for such true dedication to students. I am very grateful. Such a warm aloha spirit, sincerity, respect, caring, positive energy in the class and all university, makes me motivated, makes my studies truly productive.

HPU has opened many doors for me: this summer I am going to study abroad in Vietnam and later to intern in Lithuanian Embassy in Washington. I sincerely believe that decision to study at HPU was the best one taken in my life. Thank you for all, HPU!

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Sanjeev Ranabhat
BA in Communications/ BSBA in Travel Industry Management

"I transferred to HPU in Fall 2008. Back then, I saw HPU flyers on the wall of my college. HPU sounded appealing to me, so I did some additional research on International Student Scholarships offered at HPU:
I was choosing carefully, as I wanted an institution with great academics.

My passion is journalism, which I am studying at HPU. However, keeping in mind that the world changes so rapidly that one never knows what job opportunities will be open tomorrow, I decided to add a travel industry management program to my degree plan

What I like about HPU is that I make friends much more quickly here  than anywhere else on the mainland.

Most students came to HPU either from the mainland or from foreign countries. They are certainly diverse, but they all have one thing in common: They miss their home. Hence, they engage more to make friends in order to fill that void in their lives. I believe that friends’ network is another asset that one can gain from attending a college.  I know that at some point I will graduate and return home, but friendships will remain.

There is always something going on at HPU. It is comparable to a constant rollercoaster of events and activities. Besides academics, HPU students spend their spare time attending concerts, club activities, movies on the mall, Da Freak Show and various sport events.  All these events are then reflected in Kalamalama, HPU’s students newspaper.

I am grateful for my college experience.  My advice is, while you are a college student, do something you really like.

Someday I want to be a bona fide journalist. But now, above all, my top priority is making my family proud and showing that my time and money was well spent."

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