International Undergraduate Admissions

Application Fee and Tuition Payment Options

At Hawai'i Pacific University, there are a number of different options that students can use in order to make their tuition payments. HPU recommends that students pay their tuition prior to the beginning of the term to ensure that the full tuition amount arrives on time.  Subsequent tuition payments are due at the beginning of each term or semester.

Please note: students should affix their full name and student ID (@0XXXXXXX) on any payments in order for payment to be matched to their application or record.

For current tuition rates, click here.

How Can I Pay My Application or Tuition Fees?

The university accepts different types of payment:

Payment via Credit Card

  • HPU accepts the following credit cards: Visa,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Payment link can be accessed via the "Online Payments" links below.

Payment via Wire Transfer/Bank Draft

  • Please contact the Office of Admissions for details at

Check or Money Order

  • A check or money order must be drawn from a bank in the United States of America.
  • Can be physically mailed to the address listed below or (for checks) remitted electronically via the "Online Payments" links below.

Travelers Checks

  • Must be payable in US dollars.
  • Can be physically mailed to the address listed below.

Online Payments

Tuition Deadline

International wire transfers should be initiated one month prior to the starting term.  Payments via credit card should be made two weeks prior to the term.  The full tuition amount for each term has to be in the HPU general account by the first day of the term to avoid late fees.


Do not forget to state your full name and student ID (@0XXXXXXX) on any payments in order for the money to be matched to your application at HPU.


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