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Quynh Dao

BA in International Business


One thing that I really like about HPU is how small the classes are so I have a good chance to have personal interaction with both my peers and professors. The small class sizes also help me feel less intimidated and more comfortable when speaking in front of other people.


Housing Information for International Students

As one of the most beautiful places in the world, Honolulu ranks amont the most desirable cities in which to live.  Due to this desirability, the housing market in Hawaii can be intimidating to some students.  Luckily, HPU provides some on-campus housing options for incoming students, as well as assistance in locating clean, safe, and nearby off-campus accommodations.

On-Campus Housing

Hawai'i Pacific University offers two distinct options for on-campus housing:

  1. Our residence hall complex on the windward Hawai'i Loa Campus, specifically reserved for first-year (freshmen) students and providing a traditional university living community;
  2. The new suite-style Waterfront Lofts downtown at Aloha Tower Marketplace, largely for upper-class and graduate students looking for a more independent living environment.

Visit the housing website to learn more about the Hawai'i Loa Residence Halls, or visit the Waterfront Lofts website to learn more specifically about HPU's newest on-campus housing option.

Off-Campus Housing

Depending on your age, life circumstances, or personal experience, living off campus may be more desirable for your life and your budget.  If you are interested in learning more about the island of Oahu and the housing options available, visit the Commuter Services page, which provides links and general advice about residential areas as well as information regarding the rental market on Oahu.

Other recommended online sources to find rentals include:

Please note that HPU does not specifically endorse or inspect any of the rental units or locations listed in these web pages, and HPU does not directly rent any units.