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Natascha Ometto

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One of the best things about HPU is the Career Services Center, which I find is very useful. They assist students with getting internships and finding business contacts. They also set up meetings with well-known companies who need new employees so I could meet with business people face-to-face. I got an internship at Sheraton Waikiki as the Front Office Manager, which was a good experience for me because Hawaii has the best travel industry in the world.


International Events

As the most diverse university campus in the United States, HPU offers many opportunities for international students to engage with one another, celebrate the cultures of their homelands, and learn more about options availalble to them to continue their time in the United States.

International Club Activities
Immigration Check-In
Employment Workshops (OPT & H-1B)
Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

International Club Activities

To read more about events and activities offered by our many international student clubs, click here.

Immigration Check-In

The International Immigration Check-in is a mandatory session for incoming international students that ensures that you are checked-in and verified for United States Immigration purposes.  For more information and to sign up, click here.

Employment Workshops

The International Student Services office regularly offers workshops for students interested in employment in the United States following their graduation.  The most popular option for students studying on an F-1 visa to pursue employment after graduation is via Optional Practical Training (OPT).  Another option for long-term employment is if a company sponsors a student for an H-1B, or work, visa.  Workshops are offered to students to learn more about both options.

Reservations are required for all workshops, and can be made in-person at the International Student Services office, by e-mail at, or by calling (808) 356-5299.

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Workshops

Attendance at an OPT workshop is mandatory for students interested in applying for OPT.  You will receive guidance on completing the application forms and learn about the OPT authorization process.

Intended for: Degree-seeking (F-1) students graduating in the next twelve (12) months
 1164 Bishop Street (UB or Finance Factors Building), Suite 1100
Seating Capacity: Thirteen (13) students maximum per session
Duration: 1 1/2 hours (1 hour for presentation, 1/2 hour for question-answer session)

Please bring:

  • All I-20 forms, both past and current
  • Valid passport
  • Paper I-94 card or printed electronic I-94 card (accessible at
  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper on which to take notes

Current Schedule:

Summer 2015
Date Day of Week Time
8/7/15 Friday 2:00PM – 3:30PM
8/20/15 Thursday 2:30PM – 4:00PM


Fall 2015
Date Day of Week Time
9/11/15 Friday 11:30AM – 1:00PM
9/24/15 Thursday 3:00PM – 4:30PM
10/7/15 Wednesday 12:30PM – 2:00PM
10/22/15 Thursday 2:30PM – 4:00PM
11/2/15 Monday 11:00AM – 12:30PM
11/17/15 Tuesday 11:00AM – 12:30PM
12/4/15 Friday 12:30PM – 2:00PM
12/21/15 Monday 1:30PM – 3:00PM


H-1B Workshops

The H-1B Workshop is presented by attorneys specializing in immigration law.

Intended for: Degree-seeking (F-1) students graduating in the next twelve (12) months
1164 Bishop Street (UB or Finance Factors Building), Suite 1100
Seating Capacity: Thirteen (13) students maximum per session
Duration: 2 hours (1 hour for presentation, 1 hour for question-answer session)

Please bring:

  • Pen or pencil
  • Paper on which to take notes

Topics covered:

  • H-1B visa status
  • Obtaining a work visa after Graduation/OPT
  • Employment Related Immigration

Current Schedule:

There are currently no H-1B workshops scheduled for the summer term.

Diversity Visa (DV-2016) Program

The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a lottery mandated by the U.S. Department of State in order to receive a permanent resident card.

Program Information

  • The Department of State will only accept completed Electronic Diversity Visa Entry Forms submitted electronically at during the registration period.
  • All entries by an applicant will be disqualified if more than one entry for the applicant is received, regardless of who submitted the entry. Applicants may prepare and submit their own entry, or have someone submit the entry for them.
  • Countries not eligible for DV-2016: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born*), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, the United Kingdom* and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.
  • *Persons born in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, or Northern Ireland are eligible.