Honor Societies

Sponsor/Advisor for Honor Societies (and cords)

Selected honor societies have honor cords which are given to students in recognition of their membership into the society and which may be worn at graduation. Please review the chart below.

Please contact the appropriate sponsor/advisor listed below if you are a member of any of these societies and have not received your honor cord, medallion, pin and/or certificate. Please note that all new honor society members will recieve a membership certificate. (Please also note that honor societies may or may not have offered these specific regalia in the past but will offer them starting the Fall 2009 semester)

Honor Society

Regalia & membership fee


Alpha Chi

Blue and Green Cords ($65)

 Dr. Yongli Chen (ychen@hpu.edu) &
 Mr. Bill Potter (wpotter@hpu.edu)

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Red and Violet Cords
Student Membership ($96)

 Dr. Allison Bachlet (abachlet@hpu.edu)

Alpha Lambda Delta

Red,Gold,& White cords ($35)

 Dr. Douglas Askman  (daskman@hpu.edu )

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Maroon and Gold Cords ($35)

 Mrs. Lisa Ishikuro (lishikuro@hpu.edu)

Beta Beta Beta

Green and Red Cords
Regular Membership ($65)        

 Dr. Carolyn Jones (cjones@hpu.edu

Chi Alpha Sigma

Gold Medallion (no fee)

 Ms. Barbara Hannum  (bhannum@hpu.edu)

Delta Mu Delta

Purple and Gold Cords ($90)

 Dr. Daewoo Park (dwpark@hpu.edu) &  Dr. Lawrence Rowland  (lrowland@hpu.edu

Kappa Mu Epsilon

Lapel pin ($40)

 Dr. Tara Davis (tdavis@hpu.edu)

Lambda Pi Eta

Red & White Cords ($50)

 Dr. John Hart (jhart@hpu.edu)

Mu Kappa Tau

Royal Blue Cords & Pin ($60)

 Dr. Penny Pence Smith  (psmith@hpu.edu)

Phi Alpha

Gold Cords ($35)

 Dr. Lori Daniels (ldaniels@hpu.edu) &  Dr. Sarah Maynard  (smaynard@hpu.edu

Phi Alpha Theta

Deep Red Sash ($20)
Membership fee ($45)

 Dr. Jon Davidann (jdavidann@hpu.edu)

Pi Sigma Alpha

Medallion on Red Ribbon ($50)

 Dr. James Primm (jprimm@hpu.edu)

Psi Chi

Blue and Silver cords ($18 purchased by student)
Membership fee ($55)

 Dr. Vincent Tsushima  (vtsushima@hpu.edu)

Sigma Delta Pi

Lapel Pin ($30)

 Dr. Charles Boyer (cboyer@hpu.edu)

Sigma Tau Delta

Cardinal(red) & Black Cords ($9 optional at an additional cost)
Membership fee ($40)

 Dr. Laurie Leach  (pwilson@hpu.edu) &  Dr. Kathleen Cassity (kcassity@hpu.edu)

Sigma Theta Tau

Orchid & White Cords
(please contact the faculty advisor regarding fees)

 Dr. Jessica Nishikawa

Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Maroon & White Cords & Lapel Pin ($80)

 Dr. Cathrine Linnes (clinnes@hpu.edu)

If there is an honor society that you have questions about that is not on this chart please contact:

Please email us the advisor for more information about the honor soceity.