Faculty member receives Fulbright Specialists Award

May 01, 2014

Aczon-Armstrong, Ph.D.    

(Courtesy of the Fulbright Specialists Program)

Marife Aczon-Armstrong, Ph.D., an adjunct Nursing faculty member at Hawai‘i Pacific University, has been selected for a Fulbright Specialists project in Uganda, Africa at Uganda Christian University during 2014, according to the United States Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

Aczon-Armstrong will be teaching the course called Teaching and Learning for the brand new graduate class to begin in June 2014. This is a critical first course of the program. In this course, students not only learn about teaching and learning that they can directly apply in their current work place after completion of the module, but this course also develops writing skills, and their use of the APA writing style. In addition there is ongoing work with research in this classes preceding this one. It is important to have faculty read and critique students work on research project.

The purpose of this grant project is to provide doctorally prepared nurse educators for the only functioning Masters in Nursing Science Programme in all of Uganda in a country where there is only two National Nurses with a Ph.D. exists. This enables this critical programme at Uganda Christian University to continue.

Aczon-Armstrong is one of over 400 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad this year through the Fulbright Specialists Program. The Fulbright Specialists Program, created in 2000 to complement the traditional Fulbright Scholar Program, provides short-term academic opportunities (two to six weeks) to prominent U.S. faculty and professionals to support curricular and faculty development and institutional planning at post secondary, academic institutions around the world.

The Fulbright Program, America’s flagship international educational exchange activity, is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Over its 60 years of existence, thousands of U.S. faculty and professionals have taught, studied or conducted research abroad, and thousands of their counterparts from other countries have engaged in similar activities in the United States. Over 285,000 emerging leaders in their professional fields have received Fulbright awards, including individuals who later became heads of government, Nobel Prize winners, and leaders in education, business, journalism, the arts and other fields. 

Recipients of Fulbright Scholar awards are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement. Among thousands of prominent Fulbright Scholar alumni are Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize-winning economist; Alan Leshner, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Rita Dove, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet; and Craig Barrett, Chairman of the Board of Intel Corporation. Distinguished Fulbright Specialist participants include Mahmoud Ayoub, Professor of Religion at Temple University, Heidi Hartmann, President and CEO, Institute for Women's Policy Research, Percy R. Luney, Jr. Dean and Professor, College of Law, Florida A&M University and Emily Vargas-Barone, Founder and Executive Director of the RISE Institute.

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