HPU part of HuffPost Hawaii launch

September 04, 2013

HONOLULU — Hawai‘i Pacific University took part in the launch of HuffPost HawaiiCivil Beat and The Huffington Post partnered to create a new section of Huffington Post that is dedicated to Hawai‘i. One of the debut bloggers is HPU President Geoffrey Bannister, penning "Food for a Growing World," about sustainable food systems.

"There are technical problems in aquaculture that need to be solved, and there are significant scientific and ecological solutions to be found that HPU's marine scientists focus on every day," Bannister shared. "But, above all, there are policy and survival issues at stake that will be solved not just by today's scientists, but by today's students."

One of those students leading the way is HPU Student Body President Miina Huotari, of Finland. Huotari shared about why she came to (and loves) Hawai‘i, in her blog.

"I have not regretted once coming to Hawai'i and HPU. The experience has given me so many tools and I have made a lot of connections that will be useful in the future no matter what I do. The cultural and ethnic diversity of Hawai'i and HPU have given me a whole new perspective, even though I have traveled the world before this," Huotari wrote.

President Bannister — along with other HPU faculty, staff and students — will continue contributing to HuffPost Hawaii and Civil Beat.

Below is a video of Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington being interviewed by HPU College of Business Dean Deborah Crown. Crown also participated in The Third Metric, a panel discussion to spotlight the many ways Hawai'i is a leader in redefining success beyond money and power. Huffington moderated the panel. 

Arianna Huffington's Interview By HPU's Dean of College of Business Deborah Crown