Author Richard Dawkins spoke to a capacity crowd at HPU’s ‘Aloha Shaka Con’

October 05, 2012

Author Richard Dawkins spoke to a 400 plus capacity crowd as part of HPU's “Aloha Shaka Con.”Internationally recognized author and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins spoke to a capacity crowd of more than 400 on Wednesday at Aloha Tower Marketplace as part of the HPU Secular Student Alliance’s “Aloha Shaka Con.”

Pictured here, Dawkins (left) speaks with reporters at a pre-talk media availability with Dawkins Foundation Policy Director Sean Faircloth.

Speaking on the evening of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, the outspoken atheist and critic of such education policy matters as advocacy for inclusion of “intelligent design” in science curriculum didn’t mince words in voicing his opinion on the role of media in querying candidates on their religious affiliation. “I don’t think journalists should hold back,” said Dawkins, author of the bestseller, “The God Delusion.”

Noted author Richard Dawkins speaks at HPU Secular Student Alliance's "Aloha Shaka Con"