HPU News for November 2011

HPU signs partnerships with a Beijing university

November 01, 2011

Capital Normal University

Hawai‘i Pacific University President Dr. Geoffrey Bannister signs an exchange agreement with Capital Normal University of Beijing. He is flanked by Dr. Chunwen Hao, Dean, and Dr. Zhanjun Liang, Chairman, School of History at CNU.

HONOLULU — Hawai‘i Pacific University President Dr. Geoffrey Bannister signed partnership agreements with Beijing’s Capital Normal University (CNU) Oct. 25.

Bannister welcomed Dr. Chunwen Hao, Dean, and Dr. Zhanjun Liang, Chairman, School of History at CNU to sign two agreements between the universities. “Thank you for coming so far,” Bannister said.

The first is an agreement between the HPU Department of History and the CNU School of History for faculty exchanges and sharing of research. The second is a student exchange agreement between HPU and CNU.

Dr. Jon Davidann, HPU professor of History and Director of International Exchange and Study Abroad Programs, lauded the significance of the agreements. 

“This is our first agreement with a university in Beijing, the capital city of China and its cultural capital. It is also the first agreement between departments that provides for regular faculty exchanges between the two universities,” Davidann said.

HPU students will be able to “study in Beijing, the center of political power in China, at a highly ranked university and experience the culture of China.” Davidann said the partnership will also “allow Chinese scholars access to the expertise of American-trained historians and American scholars to experience the dynamism of China.”

The agreements — along with student exchange agreements with Hong Kong Baptist University, the Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce of Shanghai University, and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies — mark a strategic expansion of HPU in partnerships with educational institutions in China.