HPU News for September 2011

HPU faculty, staff meet to kick off new academic year

September 01, 2011

Dr. Linda Wheeler

Dr. Linda Wheeler, Field Services Director of Secondary Education at the School of Education, gives the keynote address at Ho‘okaulike.

KANEOHE — Hawai‘i Pacific University, faculty, staff and administrators got together to find some “balance” prior to the start of the fall semester.

Participants gathered at HPU’s Hawai‘i Loa campus for a teaching and community-building forum called Ho‘okaulike (“in balance together”) Aug. 27.

Dr. John Kearns, Vice President of Academic Affairs, introduced the event and recognized faculty.

“We are a teaching and learning institution,” Kearns said. “Our focus is on what happens in the classroom.”

Underscoring HPU’s dedication to learning is the addition of 25 new full-time faculty members this fall, “the largest since I came here as a full-time faculty member in the spring of 1997,” Kearns said.

Kearns said HPU President Dr. Geoffrey Bannister plans to emphasize the university’s role as a leader in higher education not only in Hawai‘i, but also the entire Pacific region.

“The best students are attracted by the best faculty,” said Kearns.

Following the keynote address by Dr. Linda Wheeler, faculty and staff attended break-out seminars addressing new faculty orientation, department resources, conflict resolution, and the role of comedic improvisation in daily life.

One popular session was Servant Leadership and Higher Education, led by Dr. Kent Keith, CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. Keith, a former president of Chaminade University, said successful universities and corporations today must focus on serving their employees and customers in an unselfish way rather than consolidate power at the executive level.

After the event, attendees stayed behind to meet new colleagues, network and share their enthusiasm for HPU’s future.

“This is probably the most exciting time to be at HPU in anyone’s memory,” Kearns said.

Dr. Kent Keith

Dr. Kent Keith, CEO of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, speaks about
servant leadership and higher education.

Genie Joseph, M.A.

Genie Joseph, M.A., adjunct professor at Chaminade
University, leads a session on conflict resolution. She teaches
Media, Performing Arts, Acting, Communication and
Inter-Cultural Communication classes.