HPU Students Win Award at Latin American Research Symposium

April 28, 2011

HPU Students win award at Latin American Research SymposiumThe six students of SPAN3320 Culture and Literature of Mexico and Central America received an "Outstanding Contribution Award" from a panel of faculty judges for their group presentation, entitled "Border Blues," at the Third Annual Latin American and Iberian Studies  (LAIS) Undergraduate Research Symposium at UH Manoa on Thursday, April 21, 2011.  The group presentation was given by Rachel Ballard (Senior, Video Production), Kayla Dunn (Senior, International Studies), Justin Garcia (Junior, Psychology), Aja Harbert (International Relations), Therese Orliola (Sophomore, Humanities), and Alix Reichert (Junior, International Studies).

Presenters gave a summary of “Enrique’s Journey” by Sonia Nazario, read by the entire class.  The book tells the true story of a Honduran boy’s journey to find his mother in the U.S.  Presenters then shared their research on current newspaper topics relating to issues raised in the book. They investigated reasons that people flock to the Mexican border towns, what issues have arisen from this influx of people, and what is being done about these problems.  Topics included:  Mexico’s War on Drugs, Unsolved Murders of Women in Ciudad Juarez, Natural Disasters Forcing Migration, and Human Rights Policies for Central American Migrants in Mexico.

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding students.  This was the first year that HPU students were invited to participate, and they really made a great impression!