Student Experience

Kate Bepco

"Attending HPU helped me to save money on my college education. The flexible class schedule allowed me to work 30 hours a week while taking a full course load. The low tuition rate helped me to go into much less debt than if I’d attended the typical mainland school. My decision to attend HPU is one of the best I ever made. I really appreciated HPU’s small class sizes and experienced faculty, graduating with less debt was just a huge plus."

Kate Bepko
Advertising Degree
Baltimore, MD

"Attending HPU for college was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I had seriously considered attending a university on the mainland, but then I was offered a scholarship. Staying in Hawaii advanced my academic and professional interests twofold: 1) I've gained a life-long global perspective through HPU's classes and diversity, and 2) I've been able to freely pursue graduate studies without the burden of debt -- an enormous relief given the current economy."

Sharon Gouveia
English Degree
Kailua, HI

Sharon Gouveia

Kelli White

"Because HPU offers a wide array of scholarships, it was easy for me to finance my final years of my undergraduate studies after attending a community college in Walnut, California.  HPU's merit scholarship and financial aid made the price to attend HPU comparable to a California State University."

Kelli White
Communication Degree
Chino Hills, CA

"I feel lucky to have received an excellent education from HPU, for a lower than average cost. Most private universities cost twice as much and their professors don’t compare to the professors that mentored me at HPU. By attending HPU, I received an outstanding education that enabled me to accomplish my life goal of becoming a Marine Scientist. I now work for Science Applications International Corporation and spend most of my time doing something I love."
Jediah Bishop
Marine Science Degree
Bay St. Louis, MS

Jediah Bishop

Victor Aguilar "When I was researching and deciphering which colleges were best for me to attend, HPU ranked number one in tuition affordability, small class sizes, excellence in education, and of course the opportunity to study in paradise. Due to HPU’s low tuition and financing options, I was able to receive a quality education at HPU without going into much debt. I’m so glad I chose to come to HPU; I’ll never forget my experiences there."

Victor Aguilar
Political Science Degree
El Monte, CA

"By attending HPU, I was able to obtain the degree I wanted in 4 years, even though I transferred from another university. The cost savings from that as well as from my athletic scholarship made it possible for me to graduate with a low amount of debt. I recommend HPU because it is a great private university where there are many opportunities for students."
Ashley Hawkins
Public Relations Degree
Bloomington, IN

Ashley Hawkins