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Student Experiences

Natascha Ometto

“I really like the environment at HPU.  There are people from so many places with different perspectives.  I got the chance to study abroad, after learning about it during a class presentation, and enjoyed it alot.  HPU students can go to places all over the world to learn a language!  I went to Seville, Spain to take history and language classes, and I was able to use my scholarship to help pay for it.  It was a great experience because Spain has a completely different culture from Hawai’i and I learned new points of view on class subjects.”

Natascha Ometto
Florianopolis, Brazil
General Business

“The thing that attracted me to Hawai‘i Pacific University was its diversity. I wanted to be surrounded by people from all over the world and that’s exactly what I got. My first roommate was from Canada, my tutors came from Japan, and I’ve even studied with people from Singapore. I don’t believe I could have gained this experience from anywhere else. Living, studying, and communicating with people from all over the world has truly broadened my outlook on life.”

Terence Roberts
Los Angeles, CA
Applied Math Major

Terence Roberts

Aleksandra Stankovic

“I feel my time at HPU has made me a better world citizen. I have learned a lot about different cultures through the multiculturalism on campus as well as the coursework at HPU. Since my HPU courses require a lot of group work, I’ve learned how to collaborate with people from all over the world.  I will bring this first-hand knowledge and skill in working with other cultures into the business field when I graduate.  This skills set is important in today’s society, which is becoming more and more diverse.  HPU’s professors have prepared me to work and succeed in Advertising and Public Relations field in every other way.  When I graduate from HPU, I will be able to achieve my future goals and get the job that I’m dreaming of!”

Aleksandra Stankovic
Stockholm, Sweden
BA in Advertising

“From the start, l felt welcomed and liked the fun, internationally-oriented environment at HPU. I get to learn about different cultures through my classes and various events on campus such as Intercultural Day, the Holiday Bazaar and extracurricular clubs.  I like that there are a lot of international students here.  Even by just walking around the downtown campus, I’m surrounded by students from many different countries, which is an experience that only HPU can offer. At HPU, I’ve made a lot of friends—both local and foreign. I’ve learned so much from them about different cultures, experiences and languages.”

Quynh Dao
BA in International Business

Quynh Dao


“What I really like about HPU is how cosmopolitan it makes me feel to attend class here. I’ve met  students from many different cultures at HPU. As a result, I’ve come to more of a realization that we are one people on one planet, who need to respect one another and make our world a better place.

With that in mind, I recently took a summer program at HPU where I traveled to South Africa to work on a global documentary. Six HPU students in different communication fields came together in Pretoria, South Africa, to shoot a dynamic documentary. Our preconceptions about Africa vaporized and a whole new paradigm was created during our time there.  The team we formed, "HPU- Africa", will continue to edit and produce positive messages about that beautiful country.”

MA in Communication

"HPU offers many opportunities to learn about other cultures, and to study abroad. I am currently learning Korean and will be studying abroad at Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea next semester. I am really excited about my trip, and I have learned a lot about Korea from my classmate who was born and raised in Seoul.

There is a positive environment amongst students from diverse cultural backgrounds here. In my communication classes, for example, the class has discussed and formed a solid understanding and acceptance of cultural differences. My classmates come from countries like Germany, Malaysia, and Korea. We’ve had many outstanding class conversations about international relations, including topics such as how cultural differences affect interaction between people, and how we can become leaders of organizations with people from different cultures and nationalities."

Yuiko Miyazaki
Kagawa, Japan
BA in International Studies

Yuiko Miyazaki