Valedictory Speakers

Trinh, Stacy

Thank you, Dr. Kearns.

President Wright, Members of the Board of Trustees, distinguished guests, faculty, fellow graduates, family, and friends: Welcome and good evening. I feel extremely honored to be representing the numerous members of the undergraduate program who are celebrating their commencement tonight.

In The Book of Questions, written by Dr. Gregory Stock, one scenario that the author poses for thought is this: If you could spend one year in perfect happiness and experience incredible fulfillment but knew that, afterwards, you would not remember anything of it, would you still care to undergo that experience? Put in other words, the question asks you to consider: What is more important, an experience or the memory of it?

Over these past few years, we graduates have each accumulated our own libraries of experiences, and through the mere act of reflection, we can always continue to find knowledge and inspiration simply by looking back on those countless lessons that we have learned, both inside and outside of the classroom. Although we are gathered here today to celebrate the completion and the closing of this one chapter in our lives, what we’ve gone through during our time here at HPU can and will carry over to the rest of our futures. Indeed, moments are fleeting, but memories are eternal.

I would like to briefly thank the many people who have made my experiences exceptionally unforgettable:

First, to my parents, Em and Luong Trinh, my sister, my grandparents, and the rest of my family, thank you for your unwavering support.

To the many faculty and staff members of HPU that I have had the privilege to meet, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your passions, and your insights. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Micheline Soong, who has proven to be a remarkably patient mentor.

Finally, to my friends and peers, and my Scrabble partner especially, thanks for keeping things fun.

Congratulations to the class of 2006! I wish you all the very best! Amituofo! Thank you.