Valedictory Speakers

Guy, Monica

A warm aloha and welcome to President Wright, members of the Board of Trustees, faculty, students, families, and guests:

During an interview, I was once asked about the sacrifices I have made in order to obtain this degree.  My immediate thoughts went to the most obvious, sleep and money.

After the interview, I noticed that I continued to turn that single question over in my mind. I began to contemplate what single sacrifice would be common amongst all of us graduating on this day.  As theories catapulted across my mind, a single answer lunged into clarity. This elusive idea that I speak of, is time. Time to me, is by far the most supreme sacrifice that every student, teacher and faculty member has put forth on to the proverbial tables of trade.

We all have sacrificed time with our friends and family in order to complete assignments, study for exams and pen research papers that we are proud to sign our names to.  This single commonality exists with every one of us.  Such a sacrifice serves as a testament to our commitment to gaining an education.  Some of you however, may not view time as such a precious resource and you may opt to deem that money is.

Yes, all of us have spent many a dollar on our schooling, but for every dollar spent, every one of us will have many opportunities to regain those funds if we encompass the courage to blaze against mediocrity and tear our soles from the floors of habit to step forth on to paths unknown.

But time never pauses as she clicks through the gears of day and nocturne. She does not wait for perfection, whilst the scales to measure such things change daily as we try to distill our greatest moments into memory. No, our precious time is the one resource that once spent, has vanished from our lives forever. But, I must say that in making this valuable sacrifice, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience through Hawai'i Pacific University.

Here we all stand, a culmination of subjects mastered, ideas dispensed, views shared and opinions born from our education at HPU. From this moment on, be neither miserly nor frivolous of how we expend the remainder of our minutes upon this earth. When looking back down the halls of moments past, let not tears of regret wash down the scapes of our present and dim our future.

Remember such things today, as we step past this graduation platform and add many a vivacious stroke of color to our ever- stretching canvases that comprise the portraits of our lives.  When unveiled, may they be full of pulsating and brilliant scenes that represent us all.

Congratulations graduates and mahalo nui loa to all those that have helped us to this graduation day.

Good night and aloha.