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Welcome to the Global Issues Working Group!

This group implements Hawai'i Pacific University's long standing commitment to students to mould them into Global Citizens. With the vision of addressing global concerns in an open forum for students, facutly, staff, and community members, the Global Issues Working Group (GIWG) seeks to explore the varying perceptions and angles that paint the important, impactful events and trends of the world. The goal is to relate these perceptions and experiences to participants in an educational manner.

GIWG welcomes visting scholars from both partner and un-affiliated institutions in order to increase the diversity of view points, and spread new knowledge and understanding. GIWG operates primarily through its lecutre series, discussing various global issues covering modern slave trade to sustainable development.

Dr. Jon Davidann and Dr. Art Whatley are co-Chairs and founders of the Global Issues Working Group.



Phone: (808) 544-0811