General Education Program (prior to Fall 2015)

Explore the Values and Choices Theme

Values and Choices  is one of the five themes around which HPU's general education curriclum is organized.  In these courses students learn about various ethical systems or philosophies for making moral judgments and determining the appropriate course of action. They learn to ask questions about who gains and loses from a particular policy. They look at how various belief systems, including economic, political or religious systems, affect the kinds of choices a society makes. They learn how elections and markets serve to aggregate the choices of individuals to produce a shared outcome. In some courses, which also address the arts, aesthetics and creativity theme, they experience and analyze creative works and discuss the  choices made by the artist and the social and cultural values depicted.

Students take three courses in the Values and Choices theme as part of the General Education Common Core, one from Ethical Inquiry, one from Social Choice and one from  Other Values and Choices Courses. Students also complete an Upper-Division Citizenship requirement. Several options for that requirement also emphasize the Values and Choices theme. Use the links under "Detailed Course Descriptions" for an in-depth discussion of each category and the applicable courses.

Values and Choices A:  Ethical Inquiry

In these courses students explore different systems or models of ethical decision-making and apply them to specific cases. 

Majors other than Nursing, choose one option:

AMST 1776

Essential America

CLST 1000

Great Books East and West

ENG 2201

Literary Utopias and Dystopias (Com. Skills A prerequisite; Art, Aesthetics and Creativity course)

ENG 2203

Banned Books (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

ENVS 1030

Tropical Ecology and Sustainability

HUM 3000

Contemporary Choices (WRI 1200 prerequisite)

PHIL 2500

Introduction to Ethics

PSCI 2000

Introduction to Politics

SWRK 2000

The Profession of Social Work

For Nursing majors only 

NUR 2000

Introduction to Professional Nursing Issues

Nursing majors will meet this requirement when take NUR 2000 prior to beginning level one Nursing courses. They will also take NUR 3900 later in the program to complete the requirements for this category

Values and Choice  B: Social Choice

In these courses students explore how values and choices shape societies, how the choices of individuals combine to produce a shared outcome, and the consequences of social choices.   

Choose one option: 

BIOL 1300

Nutrition: Eat Smarter

ECON 1000

Naked Economics

ECON 2010            

Principles of Microeconomics (Com. Skills A and MATH 1105 prerequisites)

ED 2000

 Foundations of American Education

ENG 2202

Popular Fiction (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

ENG 2204

Monsters, Mutants and Aliens (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

ENG 2301

World Film Studies (Com. Skills A pre-requisite; Art, Aesthetics and Creativity course)

HIST 2111

Intro to Greco-Roman Civilization (Com Skills A prerequisite)

HUM 1000

Introduction to the Humanities

JADM 1000

Crimes and Criminals

PSCI 2500

World Politics (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

SOC 2000

Social Problems and Policy (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

THEA 1000 

Introduction to Theater (Art, Aesthetics and Creativity course)

 Values and Choices C: Other Values and Choices Courses

This category allows for a variety of approaches to the theme of Values and Choices and includes courses from Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion and Natural Science. .

Choose one option:

BR 1000

(Bridge Program) International Education

ECON 2015

Principles of Macroeconomics (Com. Skills A and MATH 1105 prerequisites

ENG 2000

Introduction to Literature (Com. Skills A prerequisite; Art Aesthetics and Creativity course)

HIST 2112

Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

HIST 2301  

Introduction to Asian Civilizations (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

HS 1000   

Introduction to Personal & Community Health (new option begins Fall 2012)

NSCI 2000

Lessons for Building Sustainable Communities

NSCI 2100

Biotechnology Problems and Solutions (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

PHIL 1000

Introduction to World Philosophies

PSCI 1400

American Political System