General Education Program (prior to Fall 2015)

Explore the Global Systems Theme

Global Systems is one of the five themes around which HPU's general education program is organized.   Global Systems courses focus on helping students understand the multiple ways in which the world is interconnected, through both natural systems and human created systems. Specific categories include one devoted to introductory natural science courses in both biological and physical sciences and one devoted to the concept and process of globalization. The role of transnational movements and organizations is also explored, as well as the importance of considering global systems from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Students take three courses in the Global Systems theme as part of the General Education Common Core, one in Natural Systems, one in Globalization and one from Other Global Systems Courses. Students also complete an Upper-Division Citizenship requirement. Several options for that requirement also emphasize the Global Systems theme. Use the links under "Detailed Course Descriptions" for an in-depth discussion of each category and the applicable courses.


Global Systems A:  Natural Systems

Courses in this category focus on the natural sciences, analyzing natural systems and processes, introducing students to the scientific method, and frequently examining environmental issues. They include a variety of introductory courses in biological and physical Sciences for students not majoring in natural science as well as General Biology II for students pursuing a BS in the College of Natural Science. 

Majors other than Natural Science, choose one option:

BIOL 1000

Introductory Biology

CHEM 1000

Introductory Chemistry1

GEOG 1000

Introduction to Physical Geography

GEOL 1000

Introduction to Geology

MARS 1000

Introductory Oceanography

PHYS 1000

Introduction to the Physical Sciences

For Natural Science majors (BS degrees)2

BIOL 2052:

General Biology II (prerequisite BIOL 2050)

1 CHEM 1000 is primarily intended for Nursing majors who will use it for both this category and lower division major requirement. Recommended prerequisites are a year of high school algebra and a year of high school chemistry.

2 Students pursuing a BA in Environmental Studies should take either MARS 1000 or GEOL 1000 to meet this requirement since both are also lower division major requirements.

Global Systems B: Globalization

In this category students focus on the process of globalization from a historical or cultural perspective and look at the role of transnational organizations, ideas, movements and economic systems.  

Choose one option:

ECON 1010

Introduction to Global Economic Issues

GEOG 2000

Introduction to Human Geography (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

HIST 2002

Global Historical Experience (Com. Skills A prerequisite)

MARS 1500

Marine Biology and the Global Oceans

MULT 2060

Modern Media Systems (Res. & Epist. A prerequisite)

Global Systems C: Other Global Systems Courses

This category allows for a variety of approaches to the theme of Global Systems and includes additional natural science courses, options from history, political science and sociology, and a digital literacy course.

Choose one option:        

BIOL 1200

Human Biology

BIOL 1500

Conservation Biology

BIOL 2010

Human Life Cycle

BIOL 2030

Anatomy and Physiology 3

CHEM 2050

General Chemistry4

CSCI 1041

Digital Literacy in a Global Society (Digital Literacy)

ENVS 3000

Science and the Modern Prospect

HIST 2630

History of Science and Technology

INTR 1000

MULT 1050

The International System 

Point, Shoot, Edit  (new option beginning Fall 2012)

PHYS 1020

PSCI 1000


The Global Political System

SOC 2600

Peace Studies (Res. & Epist. A prerequisite)

3BIOL 2030 is primarily taken by Nursing majors who will use it for both this category and a lower division major requirement. Pre-requisites include MATH 1115 or a higher R&E B MATH course and a Com Skills A course.

4 CHEM 2050 is primarily taken by natural science majors who will use it for both this category and a lower division major requirement. Prerequisites include MATH 1130 or a higher R&E B MATH course and any Com Skills A course.