General Education Program (prior to Fall 2015)

The Cross-Theme Requirements

The cross-theme requirements focus on specialized skills and knowledge that can be addressed in relation to more than one of the five themes. The course a student chooses to meet a cross-theme requirement can also be applied to the relevant common core category, enabling students to satisfy all seventeen lower division general education requirements with fifteen courses. 


Digital Literacy Cross-Theme Requirement

Courses approved for this cross-theme focus on providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to use common information technology applications and to communicate electronically.

There are currently three options:

CSCI 1011

Introduction to Computer-Based Systems (Communication Skills C)

CSCI 1041

Digital Literacy in a Global Society (Global Systems C)

MULT 1050

Point, Shoot, Edit (Global Systems C)

Students who believe they already possess these skills can see an advisor about scheduling the computer skills proficiency test.  If students pass the test, they will not be required to take a course that meets the digital literacy cross-theme. However academic credit is not awarded for the test.  Students will still need to meet both Communication Skills C and Global Systems C with other courses.


Art, Aesthetics and Creativity Cross-Theme

Courses in this cross-theme seek to foster appreciation for aesthetic achievement through study of, and sometimes performance and participation in, the arts. Many of the courses also focus on training students in the vocabulary and conceptual skills needed to appreciate or respond to aesthetic activity from cultures other than one’s own. Options are found in Communication Skills C, and in each of the Values and Choices and World Cultures categories.

ARTH 2000

The Art of Asia (World Cultures A)

ARTH 2100

Tribal Arts (World Cultures A)

ARTH 2200  

Foundations of Western Art (World Cultures A)

ARTS 1000

Introduction to the Visual Arts (World Cultures C)

ARTS 2150

Introduction to Design (World Cultures C)

ENG 2101

Representations of Pacific Life (World Cultures A)

ENG 2201  

Literary Utopias and Dystopias (Values and Choices A)

ENG 2301

World Film Studies (Values and Choices B)

GEOG 2500 

Maps and Civilization (World Cultures C)

ENG 2000

Introduction to Literature (Values and Choices C)

ENG 2510

World Literature I (World Cultures C)

ENG 2520

World Literature II (World Cultures C)

MUS 1000  

Intro. To Western Classical Music (World Cultures C)

MUS 2101

Music in World Culture (World Cultures B)

THEA 1000

Introduction to Theatre (Values and Choices B)

THEA 1400

Production I (Communication Skills C)

THEA 2320

Acting I (Communication Skills C/ World Cultures C)

THEA 2320 applies in World Cultures C, beginning in Fall 2011. Prior to that, it applies in Communication Skills C.