General Education Program (prior to Fall 2015)

Explore the Communication Skills Theme

The Communication Skills theme is one of the five themes around which HPU's General Education program is organized. Courses in this theme focus on developing certain abilities in our students which include competence in oral, written and visual communication, the ability to integrate various modes of communication, understanding of communication as a process, understanding group dynamics, the ability to function in small and large groups, the ability to argue persuasively, the ability to communicate cross-culturally—both by studying other languages and by learning about some of the barriers to intercultural communication and how to overcome them—, and the ability to analyze and critique the various human artifacts by which people create meaning and communicate it to others.

Students take three courses in the Communication Skills theme as part of the General Education Common Core, one Writing and Critical Thinking course, one Communication Contexts Course and one course from the Other Communication Skills Courses category. Students also complete the Upper Division Research and Writing Requirement which also emphasizes the Communication Skills theme.  The courses applicable to each category are listed below.  Use the links under "Detailed Course Descriptions" for an in-depth discussion of each category and the applicable courses.


Communication Skills A:  Writing and Critical Thinking

In the Writing and Critical Thinking category, courses emphasize written communication, developing information literacy and critical thinking skills, writing with an awareness of audience and context and analyzing and constructing written arguments. Students who choose WRI 1150 are also introduced to the interpretation and analysis of poems, plays and stories. Students in JOUR 1100 are introduced a variety of new writing styles and distribution methods that are dominating public discourse today. 

Choose one option:

JOUR 1100   

Writing for the Media

WRI 1100

Writing and Analyzing Arguments

WRI 1150  

Literature and Argument

Place out option:

Students who score 630 or above on the SAT critical reading or 28 or above on the ACT English may place out of the Communication Skills A: Writing and Critical Thinking category. Students will not receive course credit for a course in this category, though will have satisfied the Communication Skills A: Writing and Critical Thinking course requirement.

CO-REQUISITE COURSE (1 semester credit)

NOTE: Not all students will need to take WRI 1101 along with the Communication Skills A course. Some students will place into WRI 1101 based on their SAT/ACT scores upon entry. Continuing students may be required to enroll based on performance in previous writing courses. Students may also choose to enroll on the recommendation of their WRI 1100 or JOUR 1100 instructor. Students who scored into WRI 1101 due to lower SAT/ACT scores are required to take a free HPU placement test to see whether they can place out of this additional co-requisite course. HPU placement testing can help students take fewer required courses, reduce tuition costs, and decrease time to graduation. Placement testing appointments can be scheduled by contacting an HPU Academic Advisor. For information about placement testing and placement scores please contact HPU’s Center for Academic Success.

WRI 1101 (1 credit) - Analysing & Writing Arguments Lab (co-requisite for WRI 1100 or JOUR 1100)

Communication Skills B: Communication Contexts

In the Communication Contexts category students participate in and develop skills for communication in a variety of modes and contexts and within and across various domains.   Students analyze and compare and contrast different communication situations and focus on at least two different modes of communication. Included in this category are introductory courses from the College of Communication focusing on academic and professional communication skills, gender and communication, and the foundations of the discipline of communication studies, as well as modern language courses offered by the College of International Studies.

For all majors except Nursing, choose one option

COM 1000

Introduction to Communication Skills

COM 1200

Foundations of Communication Studies

COM 2500

Sex, Gender and Communication (Com. Skills A pre-requisite)

ED 2300

Introduction to Teaching

HIST 1717

Reacting to the Past (new course for Fall 2011)

FL  1100, 1200, 2100 or 2200

A lower-division modern language course

HPU offers Arabic, Chinese, French, Hawaiian Japanese, Korean or Spanish

For Nursing majors only, all three of the following, required as part of the major, will be used to meet this requirement

NUR 2940

Health Promotion and Education

NUR 2960

Therapeutic Communication

NUR 2961 

Applied Therapeutic Communication

Communication Skills C: Other Communication Skills Courses

This category allows students to explore a variety of courses related to the communication theme including courses in theatre, public speaking, classical languages and electronic communication (digital literacy).

Choose one option:        

CLST 2600

 Greek and Latin Roots of English (Res. & Epist. A pre-requisite)

COM 1500  

Public Speaking in a Mediated World (Military campus only)

COM 2000     

Public Speaking (Com. Skills A pre-requisite)

COM 2640

Argumentation and Debate (Com. Skills A pre-requisite)

CSCI 1011

Introduction to Computer Based Systems (Digital Literacy Course)

LAT 1100  

Beginning Latin I

MULT 1100    

Foundations of Multimedia Production –new course as of Fall 2010

THEA 1400

Introduction to Technical Theater (Art, Aesthetics and Creativity course)

THEA 2320    

Acting I (Art, Aesthetics and Creativity course) Applies in this category only for students enrolled prior to Fall 2011