sharon gouveia

I am proud to be a product of HPU’s English program. Those were some formative years, and I can definitely attribute the way I approach subject matters, in graduate school and in business, to the body of knowledge and skills HPU provided.

As with most things, one appreciates how much one was taught years later, and I have been appreciating all the knowledge and skills learned exponentially. Particularly through the English program, I was taught how to research, how to thoughtfully and thoroughly analyze subject matter, and then communicate well-informed opinions. I was introduced to the nature of public forums and how to assert oneself in open, engaged dialogue.  HPU taught me how to see the bigger picture, to evaluate, to filter, through our classroom discussions.

I’m also thankful for HPU’s emphasis on global citizenship. HPU does a good job of introducing the importance of thinking globally to college students – through forums, courses and course materials. The diversity of Hawai‘i as well as HPU’s student body augmented my understanding of global citizenship for practical, every day application.

Sharon Gouveia
Kailua, HI
English Major, B.A. Degree