Ida Killingberg

Ida Killingberg

MBA, 2009

Client Manager Corporate, Scandic Hotels

My internship at Starwood Hotels & Resorts helped me gain the international experience I needed...


Tips to Manage Interns

  • Assign a supervisor who understands and supports the objectives outlined in the Internship. The designated supervisor should schedule regular supervisory meetings with interns. 

  • Employers are encouraged to contact Career Services when issues related to the development of the internship and student/employer relations arise. 

  • Early in the  internship, schedule a meeting to make sure the intern's expectations match yours. 

  • Recognize that some students may need extra attention the first few weeks on the job. For many students, the internship is their first experience in a professional environment. 

  • Provide the intern with a complete orientation to the work environment and company policies/procedures. Suggested discussion topics include: standards of performance, appropriate attire, communication procedures, decision making channels, confidentiality, and background on the intern's assigned project. 

  • Plan for work assignments to increase in complexity and responsibility as the intern is trained and adjusts to the work environment. Please make every effort to keep interns involved with meaningful and challenging work assignments which relate to their academic and career goals, not jobs or tasks that no one else wants to do.

  • Provide interns with enough work. One of the most common complaints heard from students is that they had too little to do. 

  • Encourage interns to participate in social events, attend professional society meetings and involve themselves in civic and community work. 

  • Provide interns with feedback on a regular basis. You may want to occasionally meet with interns away from work site to see how the experience is really going. 

  • Complete the evaluation form that will be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to you during the semester.  Please complete the evaluation and discuss it with your intern before returning it to our office with appropriate signatures. 

  • Contact Career Services each year to update and renew internship postings so we may continue to assist you with the recruitment of outstanding individuals to complement your organization!