Mariah Schiaretti

BA Journalism


I can't stress how important internships are. In my junior year I had two internships...


How Does the Internship & Co-op Program Work?

Undergraduate students may earn up to 12 credits, and graduate students up to 3 credits, for work experience related to their major. 

For paid internships and co-ops, students must work 200 hours to receive 1 credit.  Non-paid internships require 75 hours per credit or 200 hours for three credits registered during the same term. (Exception: Travel Industry Management majors must still complete 200 hours for one academic credit to fulfill their 600 hour requirement.  BS Health Sciences students must work 200 hours per 2 credits for non-paid internships.)

In addition to completing the required hours and submitting a time log signed by their supervisor, students must also receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from their supervisor, and submit a term paper on a topic relating academic concepts to situations and problems in the workplace. These credits are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 

Locating an appropriate work experience is a joint effort between the student and a career counselor.  The counselor will provide leads, contacts, and search strategies, but the student must actively engage in the search process to secure the position.