Michelle Tarantino

Michelle Tarantino

BSBA Travel Industry Management

Creations in Catering

Working with the Career Services Center has been amazingly helpful in paving my career path...


Benefits to the Emloyer

Interns can result in improved campus recruitment results by:

  • Providing a competitive edge in recruitment by developing student interest and commitment to the employer prior to graduation
  • Generating positive word-of-mouth advertising for the employer when students return to campus
  • Increasing access to special populations

Interns can create a pool of experienced candidates from which to hire by:

  • Improving the chance of a "fit" between the candidate and the company
  • Having a better understanding of the work world and the company
  • Giving the employer an opportunity to evaluate a student before they become a full-time employee
  • Improving cost effectiveness of recruiting and training

Other Benefits:

  • An internship allows an employer to assign a project or task to an intern -- the project might not otherwise have been accomplished because regular staff does not have the time. Interns come in with a higher skill level than someone hired on a temporary basis.
  • Internships allow students to apply their theoretical skills in a practical environment -- they may contribute new ideas to the employer based on their recent learning.
  • The employer has an opportunity to observe the quality of the university's educational programs via the intern
  • Employers may develop close working relationships with university personnel. Often internship sites are contacted when the university seeks input regarding academic programs and skill development. This also provides employers access to campus expertise, which can generate innovative ideas and strategies.