College of Natural and Computational Sciences

Jiasong Fang, Ph.D.


Professional service:
2014 – Present, Associate Editor, Deep-Sea Research I Oceanographic Research Papers

2013 – Present, Associate Editor, Groundwater

University service
Faculty Assembly Promotion and Review Committee
CNCS Curriculum Committee
MSMS Graduate Admissions Committee
Lab Safety Officer

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Grants & Awards

2009-2010 Assessing historical changes in the Kawainui Marsh ecosystem: A biogeochemical and paleoecological approach, by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant

2008-2009 MRI: Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer for marine chemistry and lipid biogeochemistry research at Hawaii Pacific University, by National Science Foundation

2005-2006 Fullerene-microbe interactions: implications for disinfection and risk assessment, by National Science Foundation

Research Excellence Award, 2003, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, American Society for Engineering Education and the Universities Space Research Association.

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Abstracts & Conference Presentations

J. Fang, S. Dasgupta, S.S. Brake, S.S. Hasiotis, L. Zhang. (August 14-19, 2011). Biosynthesis of sterols and wax esters by Euglena of acid mine drainage biofilms: Implications for eukaryotic evolution and the early Earth. Goldschmidt Conference. Prague, Czech Republic.

J. Fang, L. Zhang, C. Li, C. Kato, D.H. Bartlett. (June 13-18, 2010) Fractionation of hydrogen isotopes in biosynthesis of fatty acids by piezophilic bacterium Moritella japonica DSK1. 2010 Goldschmidt Conference. Knoxville, TN.

J. Fang, S. Gupta. (December 10-14, 2009). Microbial community structure and physiological status of different types of biofilms in an acid mine drainage site determined by phospholipid analysis. American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

S.Gupta, J. Fang. (December 14-19, 2008). Microbial Communities in Biofilms of an Acid Mine Drainage Site Determined by Phospholipid Analysis. American Geophysical Union Annual Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

J. Fang, S. Gupta, S. T. Hasiotis, S. S. Brake, M.A. McLean, D. A. Bazylinski. (July 13-18, 2008). Wax esters synthesized by acidophilic eukaryote Euglena mutabilis: biochemical relics of the anaerobic past of the Earth? The 2008 Goldschmidt Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

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