College of Natural and Computational Sciences

David B. Field, Ph.D.

Professional Experience

Hawaii Pacific University; Visiting Assistant Professor Marine Sciences, 1/09-present

University of California Santa Cruz; Research Fellow, 4/06-present

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; Postdoctoral Fellow, 11/05-1/09

National Science Foundation International; Postdoctoral Fellow, 4/06-2/08

National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, La Jolla, 9/04-11/05

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Research Grant and Support Awards:

2006-2008 "Ocean Variability and Fish Population Response Beyond El Niño from Laminated Sediments of the Peruvian Margin Spanning the Last Millennium", NSF, International Postdoctoral Fellowship to David Field.

2004-2005 "Paleo-reconstruction of population dynamics of anchovy and sardine off the Peruvian/northern Chilean coast related to climate shifts during the last 200 years", Interamerican Institute for Global Change (IAI), PI: Dimitri Gutierrez

2004-2005 National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate

2001-2002 "Retrospective Monitoring of Variability in Ocean Climate and Marine Populations in the California Current.", UC Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative Research Grant, PIs: David Field and Chris Charles.

2001 UC shipfunds support; Student Cruise (box coring Santa Barbara Basin)

2001 UC shipfunds support; Student Cruise (MOCNESS plankton tows)

2000 CILAS (Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies) Tinker Award

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