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Pink-Footed ShearwatersHPU Researches Pink-Footed Shearwaters

As part of a paid research leave award from HPU, Dr. David Hyrenbach will spend the Spring of 2017 semester doing field work in Chile. The research will focus on the movements and fishery overlap of Pink-Footed Shearwaters breeding at two sites: an oceanic island and a colony on the coastal shelf. The Juan Fernandez Archipelago is located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, 670 km south of Santiago. Read more about this project and the islands here!

FALL 2016

ACM 2016 HPU teamsHPU's Computer Science teams compete in ACM!

HPU sent students to the Hawaii site of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Pacific Northwest Region Programming Contest (ICPC). This year, Team "00FF00" (hexadecimal for the color green) with Jiru ("Jazz") Xu, Noel Niles, and Daniel Thaarup, a visiting student from Denmark, won Division 1 for the Hawaii site and placed 18th out of the 151 teams competing in the Pacific Northwest region. This is the HPU's seventh time winning the Hawaii site, more times than any other Hawaii University since the site was created.


Andrea KealohaNOAA fosters success for MSMS Alum

Andrea Kealoha (MS Marine Science '14) was awarded NOAA's highly-competitive 2016 Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship for graduate-level marine research and studies. Now at Texas A&M University pursuing a doctorate degree in oceanography, Andrea's research is examining the effects of various environmental parameters on coral reef metabolism at the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.

FALL 2015

Andrew BarnaHPU Alum is Sailing the World for Science!

CNCS alum Andrew Barna's B.S. in Oceanography has taken him all over the world--from Bermuda to the North Pole, and many places in between. Since 2013, Andrew has been using his skills acquired during his undergraduate courses aboard HPU's RV Kaholo in a full-time position with Scripps Institution of Oceanography. But these aren't pleasure cruises; he can work 12 hour days, 7 days a week for up to 275 days at sea to collect and analyze the samples. While ashore, Andrew manages data at the CLIVAR Carbon Hydrographic Data Office at the University of California in San Diego.


Catherine PhamHPU Student Participates in Artic Research Cruise

MSMS graduate student Catherine Pham (Fall 2014), was awarded a graduate fellowship by the North Pacific Research Board in summer 2015 to support her research on arctic seabirds. Working with US Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA researchers, Catherine is sailing on a month-long research cruise to the Chukchi Sea, where she will map the distributions of marine birds and mammals in relation to oceanographic conditions and prey distributions. The cruise is part of the Artic Marine Biodiversity Observing Network (AMBON) project to help establish a national network to monitor the biodiversity of U.S. waters, from micro-organisms to whales. To follow Catherine's cruise, visit her blog


Amanda Hallberg GreenwellCNCS Grad Advances Her Career at the National Science Foundation

Since graduating from HPU in 2004 with a degree in Marine Biology. Amanda Hallberg Greenwell has been applying her skills to establishing an impressive career in the federal sector. She worked for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation with the Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and the Coast Gaurd before later serving as the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs. Most recently, Amanda was chosen to head the Office of Legislative and Public Affairs for the National Science Foundation.

Collin ParanMath alumnus' experiences add up to success from coast to coast

Former Student Body President, military veteran, and entrepreneur Collin Paran's time at Hawaii Pacific University (BS Applied Mathematics '13) laid the groundwork for a position with Optimax, the largest precision optics firm in the U.S. As a Manufacturing Engineer, Collin works to create precision, prototype optics for use by the government, in medical settings, and even off-planet exploration projects such as the Mars Rover! In addition to his success at Optimax in New York, the business consulting company Collin started (now MuBeta Corp.) continues to grow and prosper back in Hawaii.

Jack WillansAlumnus helps protect the ocean on a global scale

International student Jack Willans (Mar Bio, Fall '12) floated into the Maldives as a Resident Marine Biologist for the TAJ Exotica Resort and Spa on South Male Atoll. Tasked with management and expansion of the resort's 'house reef', Jack implemented coral fragmentation and propagation techniques to effectively double the base size of the structure in his first six months alone! This growth, in turn, increased both the number and diversity of resident fishes, giving guests more to see during guided snorkels led by the HPU graduate. Topside, Jack also spent time educating visitors through weekly presentations and Q & A sessions. When back in the water, Jack collected data detailing the state of South Male Atoll's natural reef for the Maldivian government, and helped in the location and removal of ghosts nets for the future health and well-being of the unique environment.

Melissa HolidayStudent becomes the teacher at SeaWorld Orlando

Recent graduate Melissa Holiday (BS Marine Biology' 14) is getting paid to spend time among exotic animals, sharing information with guests, and promoting conservation as an Educator at SeaWorld Orlando. No two days are the same while she works from exhibit to exhibit, interacting with guests and imparting her knowledge and passion for the park's various creatures - as well as the importance of protecting their environments - with visitors from all over the planet. "Every day at the park is different and it's truly exciting to see that I am inspiring guests of all ages," Melissa admits.

FALL 2014

Jessica (Earsley) HoganAlumnus working to make a difference in south Florida

Being a Biologist with Miami-Dade County's Department of Environmental Resource Management has allowed Jessica (Earsley) Hogan (BS Marine Biology '11) to actively contribute to vital coastal and wetland resource assessment and protection on a daily basis. Her work with state, federal, and municipal governments (as well as environmental consultants, engineers, and individual property owners) helps to determine the best way for a project to move forward with a minimal impact on the environment. Jessica's resource evaluation can require in-water assays complete with boat rides and scuba diving in habitats rich in corals, seagrass beds, and even endangered West Indian manatees. Her recommendations for how to proceed with the permitting processes necessary for development will continue to assist in preserving South Florida's unique natural resources and habitats for future generations.

Ayesha FullerMarine Biology graduate "just (keeps) swimming" at Walt Disney World

As a Marine Mammal Intern at The Seas with Nemo & Friends attraction inside Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park in Orlando, FL, Ayesha Fuller's (BS Marine Biology '14) job is "an absolute Dream"! She's become part of the famous Disney magic by creating an entertaining and educational experience for guests of all ages as she gets paid to work with the dolphins, manatees, and their trainers for six months. While the internship requires participants to do a little bit of everything (from preparing diets to scuba diving to clean the animal environments), Ayesha admits that the opportunities and experiences Disney offers are unique. In addition to her time with the Marine Mammal Team, Ayesha has learned that the magic will be continuing for her for another six months - this time as a Conservation Education Instructor!

ACM 2014 teamsHPU's Computer Science teams compete in regional student programming competition

HPU sent students to the Hawaii site of the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM) Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Contest, which is part of the larger International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Each of the 2014 teams won their respective divisions, making it the fifth time a team from HPU has done so since 2003. This year, the winning teams were Division 1 team 00FF00 (hexadecimal for the color green) with Kevin Goo, Jon Real, and Allison Diller; and Division 2 Team FF0000 (hexadecimal for red, predominant in Norway's flag) with Demie Delos Santos and two visiting students from Norway, Christian Hunstand and Chris Forberg. Both teams were coached by Associate Professor Curt Powley, Ph.D.



Advances made on potential new feed for shrimp broodstock

The director of the Shrimp Department research team at Oceanic Institute of HPU, Dustin Moss (BS '97), Ph.D., along with Research Technician Cassandra Turner (BS '13, MSMS student), and HPU Associate Professor of Biology Catherine Unabia, Ph.D., received recognition in "Shrimp News International" for their work, funded by the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture. The group has successfully identified and cultured a local marine worm species, which appears to be a suitable feed for shrimp broodstock.

SEA Semester

HPU and SEA Semester partner to present Aloha 'Aina: People & Nature in the Hawaiian Islands

Aloha ‘Āina, a Hawaiian conception of ‘love of the land,’ describes a deep and enduring relationship between Hawaiian people and the land and ocean resources that sustain them.After two weeks of on shore preparation, the SSV Robert C. Seamans set sail for a three week voyage around the Hawaiian Islands. Keep up with the students and crew here as they explore service-learning, community development, and resource management.


Seabird HPU continues work with Hawai'i Audubon to improve nesting habitat for Wedge-tailed Shearwaters at the Freeman Seabird Preserve, Blackpoint, Oahu

The Hawai’i Pacific University Pelagicos Lab, under the direction of Associate Professor David Hyrenbach, Ph.D., continues to work with Hawai’i Audubon to restore and manage the one-acre Freeman Seabird Preserve at Blackpoint on Oahu. Volunteers worked every Saturday morning during the non-breeding season (early January to late March), weeding invasive plants, planting native vegetation, and building artificial nest sites using roof tiles from Reuse Hawai’i. The ongoing monitoring program first began in 2008, and chick survivorship and growth is monitored from mid-July to mid-December with help from undergraduate students enrolled in a Seabird Ecology and Conservation course. (Image Gallery 2014) (Image Gallery 2013)


HPU continues work to monitor the Wedge-tailed Shearwater population at the Freeman Seabird Preserve, Blackpoint, Oahu

The Hawai'i Pacific University Pelagicos Lab, under the direction of Associate David Hyrenbach, Ph.D., continues to work with Hawai'i Audubon to restore and manage the one-acre Freeman Seabird Preserve at Blackpoint Oahu. Volunteers work every Saturday morning during the non-breeding season (early January to late March), weeding invasive plants, planting native vegetation, and building artificial nest sites using roof tiles from Reuse Hawai'i. The ongoing monitoring program first began in 2008, and chick survivorship and growth is monitored from mid-July to mid-December with help from undergraduate students enrolled in a Seabird Ecology and Conservation course.


ENVS students sampling He'eia Stream

HPU teams with a local non-profit and a native plant nursery to improve water quality in the He`eia  Ahupua`a

Hawaii Pacific University has teamed up with Hui o Ko’olaupoko and Hui ku Maoli Ola (one of Oahu's leading native plant nurseries) for the He'eia Stream Restoration Project. This project was designed to restore approximately 4,000 feet of riparian habitat along the upper reaches of He'eia Stream back to native vegetation in an effort to improve water quality and aquatic habitats for native and endemic aquatic species. Dr. Susan Carstenn's graduate and undergraduate students (along with Hui o Ko'olaupoko staff and community volunteers) are monitoring water quality, erosion, and vegetation within the designated restoration zone. The project is coordinated by Hui o Ko'olaupoko and funded by Hawaii Department of Heath via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Non-point Source Pollution Control Program. To volunteer, contact Hui O Koolaupoko or  Hui ku Maoli Ola.

FALL 2012


MSMS graduate thesis chapter is published.

Jessica Lopez (MSMS '12), published part of her Master’s thesis research in the scientific journal Marine Pollution Bulletin (year 2012, volume 64, pages 2588–2598) shortly after graduation as part of HPU's ongoing collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA). Ms Lopez analyzed contaminants in endangered monk seals in relation to age, sex, and location in the main Hawaiian islands with funding from NOAA's Nancy Foster fellowship. The publication's findings may be implemented in the creation of the updated fishery service Recovery Plan for the species.