Student Success Stories


Caroline Ritson
Honolulu, Hawaii
Post-HPU: John A Burns School of Medicine
Career Goal: Physician

Why you chose HPU: 

I was drawn to the small class sizes and strong reputation of HPU’s natural sciences department.  In addition, HPU offered a post-baccalaureate pre-health program that was ideally suited to my educational goals.

How HPU helped you get to Medical / Health Professional School

The post-baccalaureate pre-health certificate program gave me the flexibility to take required courses for medical school while working part-time in the healthcare field.  I connected with other students who shared my career interests and benefited from strong pre-health counseling at HPU.  My experiences at HPU and outside of the classroom helped confirm my commitment to pursue a career in medicine.

Favorite memory of HPU:

Completing the “Unknowns Project” for Organic Chemistry II Lab was most memorable.  I loved working as a detective to discover the identity of various unknown compounds using advanced technology such as NMR spectroscopy and other fascinating chemical reactions.