Pre-Health Professions Program

Clubs and Honor Societies for the Pre-Health Professions

We encourage our Pre-Health students to get involved in many areas at HPU, including our student led Pre-Health Club and National Honor Society.

Pre-Health Club 

The Pre-Health Club is a student led club that works to promote health and wellness at HPU and the greater community. The club organizes social events, educational talks, and charity fundraising opportunities each year in order to support a chosen group project or goal. Dr. Allison Bachlet ( serves as the club's Faculty Advisor.For more information or to join, please contact:


Alpha Epsilon Delta

Hawaii Alpha is HPU's PH Honor Societychapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), a National Honor Society that recognizes and rewards Pre-Health Students for outstanding academics.  Students are invited or may apply to join after a minimum of three terms at HPU and a cumulative and science GPA of at least 3.2. Members of AED have the opportunity to attend National AED events and workshops as well as apply for various scholarships and activities.  At HPU, AED members work to promote health awareness at University and Community events.  For more information on AED, please see the National Website:  http://www.

For information on HPU's Alpha chapter, please contact Dr. Allison Bachlet (Faculty Advisor) at