Math Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mathematics

Q: How do I determine which math class I should take first?

Several things are involved in placing you into the proper math class. We may use any combination of SAT and/or ACT scores, results from the HPU Math Placement Exam, high school transcripts, transfer credits, evaluation by faculty, and your personal input.

Q: I took all the math courses in high school that this major requires. Should I take them again at HPU?

Strictly speaking, college credit must be obtained for the math courses that your major requires. This credit may come from appropriate grades on an Advanced Placement Exam, successful results on an HPU Challenge Exam or a CLEP exam for the course(s) in question, or successful completion of the course. Note: The University accepts no more than 36 semester hours of credit earned through the credit-by-examination process.

Q: What Advanced Placement (AP) scores will give me math credits at HPU?

A grade of 3 or higher on an AP exam earns college credit for the following courses:

Exam: Credits earned in:
Calculus AB MATH 1140 and MATH 2214
Calculus BC MATH 2214 and MATH 2215
Statistics MATH 1123
Q: What is a HPU Challenge Exam?

A HPU Challenge Exam is a comprehensive exam that tests a student's level of mastery for a given University course. A Challenge Exam may be taken regardless of whether or not the student has taken the relevant course work. Any student who has completed at least 15 semester credits at the University and who has a 3.0 grade point average (G.P.A.) may petition to take a Challenge Exam.

Q: Can I get credit for some math courses I have taken at another university at HPU?

Transfer of credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis or on the basis of an established articulation agreement between HPU and the transferring institution. Acceptance of credit is subject to certain conditions. Students who wish to take a course at another accredited institution of higher education, and who plan to transfer credit to Hawaii Pacific University, should consult with an academic advisor to determine if the course is transferable.

Q: Is there extra help available for math course work at HPU?

HPU has many resources to help students in math. In addition to faculty office hours, there is free math tutoring available on both the downtown and Hawai'i Loa campuses. Use the navigation to learn more about the Tutoring Centers. Other learning resources, found in the Learning Assistance Lab and the Learning Assistance Center, are software and videos targeted toward university math courses. Many students also find success in forming study groups with peers.

Q: Is there any particular calculator or software I'll need?

Texas Instruments TI 83+ or 84+ calculators are highly recommended for use in all Math classes.