Math Programs

How can I prepare for a major in mathematics at HPU while in high school?


Every concentration in the major of Mathematics requires a high level of competency in general math, particularly algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and even calculus and statistics. You can best prepare by making sure that you take a math course in every semester of high school in order to build your skill level. Ideally, math, engineering, and science majors should be ready to take calculus upon arrival at college. HPU provides lower level math classes for students that need them, but students not prepared to take college level pre-calculus (pre-calculus with trigonometry) when they start at HPU will require extra courses, and progress in your major could be delayed.

Any experience in biology, chemistry, or physics will help you in math. More specialized courses like marine, earth, or health sciences are great, but it will be best if you arrive at HPU with a solid background in the core sciences, particularly physics. Much of what motivates mathematics has its roots in the study of basic science.

Dont forget to take writing courses. Success as a professional depends on clearly written communication and writing skills develop only with experience!

Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses in any discipline are fantastic preparation for college level work. In addition, if you take the AP or IB exam, you may even get college credit to apply toward your degree. This means you can get into your advanced coursework sooner!