Computer Science

I'm in high school now. How can I prepare for a major in computer science at HPU?

CS students
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Be curious! Have fun solving problems!

Gain any programming and/or hands-on experience. Join a robotics club or any technology club you have available at your school. Tinker with computers at home. Learn how to run different software. Any hands-on experience with computers is helpful.

Take lots of math courses and practice problem solving in all your classes. Well prepared students take lots of math in high school, particularly algebra and logic, and gain experience in solving many different real-life problems. Calculus and statistics can be helpful for advanced courses.

Take science courses. All science experience is valuable! Any experience in the core courses of science can be helpful, especially for later specialization in bioinformatics, natural language processing, robotics, medical informatics, geographic information systems (GIS), and many other cross-disciplinary fields.

Take writing courses. Success as a professional depends on very clear written communication -- and writing skills develop only with experience.

Take Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses if your school offers them. AP and IB courses in any discipline are fantastic preparation for college level work.  In addition, passing AP or IB exams can be worth college credit.  This means you can get into your advanced coursework sooner!