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Myah Ely
HPU Alumni '06 Myah Ely interned at Hagadone
through the GLSD program at HPU and
now works for Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods on Big Island.
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Hawaii Pacific University has an established reputation as a career-oriented institution that provides students with opportunities to combine classroom study with career-related work experience. The mission statement of the university reflects the commitment by emphasizing that our institution prepares our graduates to live work and learn as active members of the global society.

HPU Sustainability Internship program partners students and local companies such as Chamber of Commerce, Hagadone, and other local business in sustainability efforts. Sustainability Partnership Hawaii is a exciting internship service that connects students with business skills and passion for sustainability with environmentally conscious nonprofits and businesses.

Internships are an ideal way for students to gain an appreciation for the real world of environmental economics policy and problem solving, whether it be at firms trying to comply with regulations, agencies trying to efficiently manage natural resources, governments constructing regulatory policies, or UN agencies trying to fashion treaties. 

Interested Sustainability Internship Partners

Hawaii Pacific University and its Masters in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development program invites your business or organization to join our Sustainable Hawaii Internship Program (SHIP).  This partnership will link your interest in becoming a sustainable enterprise with a qualified student intern capable of adding value to your sustainability initiatives.  The first step is a joint meeting between you and the SHIP representative from HPU to learn more about your sustainability needs and to explain the details of the intership program.  We will then work with you to choose a student intern who is best suited to help make your organization more environmentally sustainable and thus contribute to your overall mission.  Students, in turn, get to use their academic learning about sustainability to deliver measurable performance results across your financial, social, and environmental goals.

Internships can be either paid or unpaid, and last from 4-12 months.  More than one intern can be employed at any one time, depending on your needs.

Our students have successfully been involved in organizations, including Hagadone Printing Inc, the Toda Institute, HISciTech and Wards Shopping Center.